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Creed Silver Mountain Water review: Worth the Money? [Answered]

Creed Silver Mountain Water (SMW) is a men’s cologne released by legendary niche fragrance brand Creed. It’s a citrusy, musky and woody cologne that’s remained impressively relevant since its 1995 introduction. Recently I had someone ask if SMW is worth the money. In today’s article, I’ll answer that question and cover the main features you need to know.

What does Creed Silver Mountain Water smell like?

Creed Silver Mountain Water contains notes of bergamot, mandarin, green tea, black currant, musk, and sandalwood.

On first spray, those citrus notes of bergamot and mandarin are immediately present. These two accords are responsible for a zingy, sparkling quality in the opening.

Citrusy bergamot in the opening

Also present early is a source of greenness – a tea note. It smells delicately floral, vegetal, and airy. Interestingly, the tea evokes a calming quality, balancing smartly with the lively initial citruses.

A green, airy tea note

As the scent develops through the mid phase, two changes occur:

  • A black currant note appears. Here, it adds a slightly tart and fruity nuance to the composition; and
  • The musk accord starts to emerge from the base. It contributes a mellow, metallic, effervescent aspect, pairing cleverly with the tea note.

As Silver Mountain Water dries down, the citruses start to recede. The arrival of a creamy sandalwood accord works harmoniously with the musk and tea, adding depth.

A black currant note emerges through the mid phase

On skin, the final phase of Silver Mountain Water smells green and tart, with a metallic, fizzy, woody musk operating in the background.

After 8+ hours, SMW largely dissipates and all that remains is an undistinctive musk.

Although SMW doesn’t contain any oceanic notes, it does smell comparably refreshing. Additionally, the woody musk dry down bestows a mature, refined character to the fragrance.

Check out what this reviewer had to say:

A feel-good scent for many a year which just never disappoints. A few sprays set the experience in motion with a supreme icy blast of freshness with the Tea & Blackcurrant accords raising its most prominent heads. Office friendly and always a compliment getter. Subtle and not overbearing. If there is one drawback it is in the longevity but what a ride until the finish line. Still four or five hours on my skin is well worth the total experience.

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What’s the performance like?

I rate the performance of Creed Silver Mountain Water as low.

This cologne projects lightly off skin for 2 hours and has total longevity of 5 hours. However as mentioned in the previous section, a mild musk is detectable for a few hours afterward.

The projection and longevity aren’t dissimilar to many other Creed fragrances. I suggest you reapply halfway through the day for best effect.

Is it versatile?

SMW is a summer and spring superstar.

It’s wearable in just about any situation when the weather heats up. Refreshing enough for casual situations, dignified enough for the office and special events.

man wearing creed silver mountain water
A man who would wear Creed Silver Mountain Water

You can also spray during cooler temps, although I’d recommend something like Spicebomb Extreme in that climate instead.

Is Creed Silver Mountain Water WORTH the money?

creed silver mountain water

Creed Silver Mountain Water is a crisp, citrusy green scent with masculine undertones. It features a unique and appealing tea note coupled with a breezy, metallic musky aroma.

However, is it worth the money?

Yes – BUT only under certain circumstances.

In my view you should only buy this on sale or at discounters. Another option is buying a sample to test before paying retail price. Specifically, samples are a convenient way to reapply soft performing fragrances throughout the day – like SMW. In any case, make sure you shop around to get the best deal.

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Alternatively, you can try Armaf Sillage, a clone of SMW with stronger performance.

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Creed Silver Mountain Water?

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