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Le Labo Another 13 (Review): Here’s my verdict

Le Labo Another 13 is a fragrance released in 2010. New York based niche brand Le Labo was commissioned by a magazine company to create it. Since then, it has gradually acquired a reputation of mystique and intrigue. Fellow reviewers have experienced a range of sensations with Another 13, remarking how it smells familiar yet unique.  I’ve been testing it over the past two weeks to determine if the praise has merit. Today, I’ll be describing how it smells, how it performs, and when you can wear it. Let’s dive in.

What does Another 13 smell like?

Firstly let’s survey the notes. The accords I smell include citruses, aldehydes, ambroxan, iso e super, musk, jasmine, and moss.

Another 13 opens with a blast of citruses and a synthetic aldehyde note. They combine to elicit a metallic, fizzy, and clean impression.

Another 13 features a metallic, fizzy texture

There’s also ambroxan, an accord that mimics the smell of ambergris. It’s become well-known more broadly for its heavy use in the Dior Sauvage line. I find that it adds a warm, woody, and animalic facet to the fragrance, creating a contrast with the aldehydes.

Then, I discover some changes occur when moving into the heart. Here, iso e super becomes the leading force. This is yet another synthetic molecule that has a cedar-like, musky, and slightly sweet aroma.

Iso e super is also regarded for its subtle and elusive quality, since it fades in and out of perception. Additionally, it enhances the other notes with a smooth and velvety texture.

Lastly, musk, jasmine, and moss compose the base. The musk adds a soft and sensual touch, while the jasmine infuses a floral essence. The moss supports with green and earthy hues, bringing some balance and depth.

White floral jasmine

Several reviewers have coined the term ‘glossy magazine paper’ to describe the smell. Honestly, I agree. This reviewer had some comments as well:

An annoyingly addictive smell that feels like you’re not wearing anything. Glossy magazine paper is an accurate descriptor, so is the scent of a better-looking person’s skin and clothes. Vacillates wildly between barely anything at all and the only thing you can think about. Generic and suitable for any time and place, yet unique and complex. I kind of hate it because I feel like I’ve fallen for a marketing ploy, but it smells really good.


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Performance is mediocre

Soft and light fragrances are what this brand is known for. However with this one people’s experience seems to be all over the place. Some say it lasts 18+ hours, some say just 1 or 2.

In my experience though, Another 13 is very much consistent with the understated view.

Specifically, it projects softly from my skin for the first two hours. Then, it sits closer for a final 3. Therefore, I get around 5 hours of total longevity.

It performs very similarly on me to Goldfield & Banks Bohemian Lime.

Extraordinarily versatile

The indescribable energy of Another 13 works in its favour here. It’s extraordinarily versatile and can be worn on various occasions.

Spritz it for the office, casual brunches, or even as an everyday scent. Also, I see it as a charming daytime date selection. It possesses a pleasing and inoffensive scent bubble that’ll lighten the mood of those around you.

man who wears le labo another 13
This guy would wear Another 13

Additionally, its adaptable and unique attributes make it signature scent worthy.

Seasonally, apply anytime except the bitter cold months. It has an atmospheric feel that does its best work in moderate temperatures and above. I’ve worn it during a few blistering hot days recently and experienced great results.

In Summary – Le Labo Another 13

le labo another 13

Le Labo Another 13 is hard to describe and categorise. It’s a scent more based around the experience instead of the molecules captured within.

Regardless, I consider this an aroma that cleverly links several enigmatic synthetic notes with citruses, florals, and greenness. They coalesce to evoke an effervescent, alluring occurrence.

Another 13 isn’t for everyone. The performance is a let-down and I expected more for the price. However, if you appreciate uniqueness and obscurity, you might just become addicted. Fast.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Le Labo Another 13?

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