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Roja Elysium Has Only ONE Problem [Review]

Roja Elysium is an exquisite men’s cologne from the house of Roja Parfums. A fragrance that leans on citrus and aromatic ingredients, it’s frequently cited as one of the most enjoyable scents available. In today’s review, I’ll be giving my opinion on this refreshingly masculine scent profile. Then, I’m going to speak about one issue with Elysium. Let’s get started.

Elysium smells citrusy, aromatic, and woody

Roja Elysium is quite the multifaceted fragrance. It primarily contains notes of grapefruit, bergamot, vetiver, juniper berries, black currant, cedar, ambergris, and leather.

Elysium opens with a combination of rejuvenating citruses. Although there is more here, I mainly smell a pairing of zesty bergamot and juicy grapefruit. The grapefruit in particular is giving me some serious Bleu de Chanel vibes.

Grapefruit in the opening

Following closely is a crisp juniper berry note. The berries enhance the freshness of the citrus blend and exude a pine-like, mildly bitter aroma.

Juniper is one of my favourite fragrance accords, and here it also provides masculine character to Elysium. Fortunately, the berries linger throughout the cologne’s progression, and I notice recurring traces until the dry down.

Crisp juniper berries

The development of Roja Elysium is anything but linear. Notes are hard to individually decipher in a cologne this well-blended. However, the prominent accords that emerge in the mid phase include:

  • A ‘green’ vetiver note which exudes a woody-like and aromatic facet;
  • Black currant, providing an occasional whiff of slightly tart, fruity sweetness; and
  • A dry woody cedar accord, working harmoniously alongside the vetiver.

As Elysium develops into the dry down, I witness a gradual withdrawal of the citrus and fruity elements. The juniper and woody accords continues to permeate, supported by emerging notes of ambergris and leather. The ambergris contributes a slight smokiness, working in tandem with faint traces of tasteful leather.

Woody type notes provide structure

In summary, Roja Elysium starts as a sparkling citrus and grapefruit fragrance, coupled with tangy juniper berries. Then, it’s enriched with green, woody, and fruity sweet accords. Finally, drying down into a resinous, woody composition with an enduring crisp aromatic element.

Elysium smells elegant, yet casual and familiar. It’s energizing and fresh-spicy, balanced against full-bodied woods and musky ambergris. Very nice.

I agree with this reviewer’s comments:

My favorite fragrance. First time I smelled it, was impressed how natural is this, has an effervescent feel with many kinds of citrus, sweet fruits mixed with woods, little bit resinous, spicy and a fresh green aspect. Very elegant but versatile, it’s kind of simple but complex at the same time. I use it only on special occasions because it’s very expensive, but with this one we get what we pay for.

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Elysium’s ONLY Problem

You may have already guessed.

Elysium’s only problem is its performance.

In fairness, Elysium’s longevity is okay. Once sprayed on skin, I find it lasts for about 7 hours.

However, projection is a different story. On application, Elysium forms a soft scent bubble for the first 30-60 minutes. Then, it basically becomes a skin scent for the remainder of its life.

Thought I’m aware some people are fine with soft sillage, and even prefer it, I know that this will be a deal breaker for many.

Versatility is out of this world

Let’s pivot to something positive.

Elysium is more flexible than my yoga instructor.

You heard me.

Its versatility is as good as it gets. A big statement, but let me explain.

man wearing roja elysium
Elysium has broad application – here’s one example

Elysium has range to cover many scenarios, from casual occasions, to formal outings, and everything in between. Its modern, likeable aura acts as a chameleon, taking on the formality of any situation you find yourself.

Although, I’ve found Elysium shines its absolute brightest in the warmer months, especially when an outing calls for dressiness. However, that’s a personal preference thing.

If you’re after a scent specific to winter though, consider reaching for Elysium’s boozy brother, Roja Enigma.

Roja Elysium – closing thoughts

roja elysium

Roja Elysium brings new meaning to the term mass appealing. Its aroma smells like a high quality interpretation of the best ‘blue’ fragrances available on the market. An invigorating opening, drying into a deeper profile, with aromatic support at every step.

Unfortunately, the poor performance will leave some wanting. It isn’t a sticking point for me, but it may be for you. Even so, I suggest that you still try Elysium – it smells marvellous.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Roja Elysium?

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