MFK Grand Soir (Review): A Timeless Statement Piece

Grand Soir by Maison Francis Kurkdijan (MFK) is an amber-based, unisex fragrance released in 2016.

Over the past few years, I have tried and tested hundreds of different fragrances. If you’re familiar with my reviews, you will typically recognise a trend in my taste for fragrance. It can be described with words like seductive, opulent, sweet, spicy, woody, warm. I could go on… However, since beginning my fragrance journey in 2020, nothing has come close to the polished work of art that is MFK Grand Soir. It is a timeless statement piece for any fragrance lover and I am thrilled to share with you why it is a must-have for your collection.

A warm and sophisticated scent.

Grand Soir opens with the bright and sweet essence of labdanum, rose and honey.

honey in the opening

As the fragrance develops, notes of benzoin siam, cumin and incense introduce a spicy, resinous and cedar-like quality. Don’t be alarmed though as the presence of these notes plays more of a supporting role. They fill in the gaps and bring the fragrance to life rather than compete with the other main accords.

As the dry down ensues, this is where the magic of Grand Soir really shines through. Just like warm sun rays glowing onto your skin on a Sunday morning or the feeling of warmth growing on your body beside a cosy fireplace.

a creamy and irresistible vanilla note

The base notes of tonka bean, amber, sandalwood, vanilla and musk provide a glorious aroma that envelops you in a velvety sweetness. The vanilla in this formulation is irresistibly creamy, making your eyes want to roll back in your head. It resembles a high quality vanilla accord that reminds me of several of my personal favourites such as Nishane Ani, Initio Side Effect and Byron Parfums The Chronic.

amber in the mid
Warm amber in the base

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Exude luxury and elegance.

Grand Soir is one of those fragrances that simply boasts class. It has a dry, floral edge to it that gives it an elegant character trait. It is masterfully blended and has a depth and complexity unmatched by anything else like it on the market. It’s the O.G.

a classy gentleman wearing grand soir

Moreover, it is extremely versatile and can be worn by both men and women of any age. For optimal wear, I recommend wearing Grand Soir later in the evening during the cooler months of autumn and winter. Social situations such as a night out on the town, a romantic dinner date or formal occasions such as weddings or galas are perfect examples of use cases for this fragrance.

There is an elegance in subtlety.

You WILL be noticed.

Let’s keep it real. MFK Grand Soir is no beast-mode fragrance, nor do I think it should be. I’m a big believer that elegance works best when used in a subtle way.

The performance of Grand Soir is exceptional and lasts well over 10 hours on skin. Furthermore, it projects up to half a meter away from your body, wrapping you in a radiant scent bubble. The compliment factor is HIGH and those crossing your path will notice you without question.

In Conclusion – MFK Grand Soir

mfk grand soir bottle

In summary, Grand Soir is a warm, sweet, spicy and resinous scent. It is one of those classic fragrances that is unequivocally unique and one that I will continue to own for many years down the track. If you are someone that takes pride in their personal presentation and are looking to embrace your most attractive self, this fragrance is yours for life. Embrace it.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments and on Instagram. What are your thoughts on MFK Grand Soir?

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