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Bvlgari Wood Essence Review: Grounded Masculinity (Don’t Ignore It)

Bvlgari Wood Essence is a cologne for men launched in 2018. It’s a woody, citrus-based scent that’s flown under the radar since first release. As a huge Bvlgari fragrance enthusiast I had to test it, despite the fact it hasn’t received much love. Afterwards, I quickly became a fan and urge you to try it yourself. Read on for the reasons I rate it highly.

Bvlgari Wood Essence smells like sweet citruses, woods, and resins

Bvlgari Wood Essence contains citruses, lemon zest, cypress, cedar, vetiver, and benzoin.

Citrus notes are noticeable on first spray. They smell green and sugary, although not as distinctly fresh as you’d expect.

Opening, sweet citruses

However, the accompanying lemon zest plugs that gap. The zest unifies effortlessly with the mixed citruses, providing an uplifting vibrancy.

Thirdly, you’ll find fresh spiciness here too. That’s due to coriander, which adds a subtle bracing hit behind the opening medley.

Soon, the following middle notes reveal themselves:

  • First comes cypress, which smells herbaceous and evergreen, supporting the brisk spicy undercurrent. It acts as a bridge, easing the transition from early citruses to more serious elements; and
  • On cue, the marquee woody notes arrive thereafter. Specifically, I smell cedar and the dry texture it exhibits. It’s tame and never intense – an unexpected impact from a headline accord.
Aromatic cypress is unveiled

Afterwards comes green, earthy vetiver. Although complementary to the woods, it’s not as prominent, only exerting mild influence from the base.

Lastly, benzoin smoothly disperses amongst the entire mixture. It smells balsamic and resinous, with the occasional addictive sweet whiff pulsing outward.

In summary, Bvlgari Wood Essence smells like spicy citruses, before becoming more aromatic, woody, and complex. The woods and fresh elements are cleverly balanced, as neither detracts from the other. Although it isn’t bold or charismatic, it maintains a down-to-earth and reassuring feel throughout.

Imagine Wood Essence as an urban wilderness elixir, suited to refined and adventurous gents who possess self-assured masculinity. The attitude of Mont Blanc Explorer draws instant comparisons in that sense.

Here’s the comments from another reviewer:

It’s not at all a heavy wood, quite the opposite. Silky smooth, gentle and “upper class”, the citrus and cypress combo is pretty obvious and well blended. Very light sweetness in the background. It keeps that spirit throughout the whole duration, but don’t take this as a linear scent. The dry down gets a little more serious, but still retains its smoothness.

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Performance has limitations

Wood Essence is a modest performer.

In detail, it projects out from skin for 2 hours, before resting closer for another 3. Therefore, expect a total of 5 hours lasting power.

While criticism of longevity is warranted, it’s not the only angle. The scent’s composed profile simply isn’t compatible with beast mode performance.

Nevertheless, if you’re after something that’ll last a few extra hours, consider Tom Ford Oud Wood.

Versatility gets the nod

Now onto better news. As far as versatility goes, Wood Essence nails it.

Bvlgari Wood Essence suits this guy well

It traverses the boundary between casual and formal. Thus, it’s an effortless choice for coffee dates or drinks, and even celebratory ceremonies. However, it doesn’t apply to the heights of formal black tie, where the ultra-classy YSL Tuxedo will fulfil that role.

Additionally, its non-invasive nature makes it a fitting option at the office. Wood Essence won’t offend anyone, with its gentle aroma softly diffusing within your scent bubble.

In Conclusion – Bvlgari Wood Essence

bvlgari wood essence

Bvlgari Wood Essence gets the job done.

It isn’t the most powerful cologne in the world. Nor does it possess tons of unique, enigmatic charisma.

Nevertheless, it’s impeccable for quietly masculine men, containing the fundamental pieces that make a scent sturdy. The opening citruses brighten the composition, before transforming to comforting woods and resins.

This peaceful woody concoction is well worth your time.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Bvlgari Wood Essence?

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