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Creed Green Irish Tweed Review: Still Worth It? (YES…but)

Creed Green Irish Tweed is a men’s cologne first released all the way back in 1985. Since launch it’s become an iconic aroma, notoriously loved by celebrities worldwide. I’ve been testing it on and off for years and can see why it’s accrued such fame. Although I think it smells classic and invigorating, it isn’t appropriate for every man. Read on and let me explain.

What does Green Irish Tweed smell like?

Before we get into the scent, let’s cover the notes. Creed Green Irish Tweed contains lemon verbena, iris, violet leaf, ambergris, and sandalwood.

The opening spray shows why it received its name. It smells bright and green, mixed with a citrus element. The crisp lemon verbena note is responsible, and it also gives an aromatic, revitalizing feel.

Crisp lemon verbena

You’ll also notice iris bringing a powdery, floral hue. However it’s only subtle and trails behind. A far cry from iris explosions like Dior Homme Intense.

Additionally, violet leaf also appears early on, infusing an ozonic and airy element.

Airy violet leaf

Green Irish Tweed doesn’t feature a middle phase. After the early notes meander for a while, the composition moves straight to the dry down.

The fresh, green element continues lingering. However it’s now supported by an emerging ambergris accord. It elicits a musky, sweet essence. Sandalwood is here too, providing a smooth, faint woody texture.

In summary, Green Irish Tweed smells like an uplifting green aroma supported by powdery florals. Then it transitions to musky woods whilst the citruses persist. It smells verdant and clean, with a cooling ozonic effect present throughout. There’s a signature classiness about it that never feels ‘bougie’ or arrogant.

Some describe Green Irish Tweed as a sentimental, timeless classic. Others, a dated relic depicting Creed’s former glory days. The truth sits somewhere in the middle. Men who’ve worn it for years shouldn’t stop doing so. However, guys new to the fragrance scene have superior options to consider nowadays. Aged icons like JPG Le Male face a similar dilemma.

Check out the comments from this reviewer:

Indeed, spring in a bottle, as others have mentioned. A very safe, green, clean, fresh, citrusy, soapy aromatic fougère. Although it contains aquatic notes too it does not smell oceanic. Actually, its freshness is comparable to the barbershop leaning Chanel’s Egoiste Platinum. GIT is a versatile, supremely gentlemanly fragrance, however it comes with a ridiculously high price tag.

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Performance is surprisingly legit

I’ve been a vocal critic of Creed fragrances for their disappointingly poor performance. Refreshingly, Green Irish Tweed bucks that trend.

Specifically, it projects moderately from skin for the first 3 hours, before drying closer for a further 9. Therefore, I experience about 12 hours of total lasting power. It easily exceeds most other perfumes from the house.

Furthermore, I’ve heard reports that older formulations last even longer. However, I’m way too impatient to hunt a vintage bottle and test the theory.

Classy & Positive

Green Irish Tweed is a classy scent – exuding feel-good, friendly energy.

Accordingly, it’s a smart choice for the office in year-round weather conditions. Also, its usage also extends to social and casual events, including evening bar hopping.

This man could easily wear Green Irish Tweed

This one is for mature gentlemen only, aged 30+. There’s nothing youthful about it. If you’re a younger guy, consider an alternative like Versace Pour Homme.

In Conclusion – Creed Green Irish Tweed

creed green irish tweed

Creed Green Irish Tweed is legendary and has earnt its place in the history books of men’s fragrance. Over 30 years in the market has barely stifled its shine.

It resonates a remarkably crisp greenness, surrounded by shading of various florals. Then it becomes powdery and muskier when ambergris and woods emerge.

Despite the accolades, Green Irish Tweed isn’t the outlier it once was. There’s many solid alternatives now. Newcomers must consider other options before reaching for this premium Creed tonic.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Creed Green Irish Tweed?

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