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Prada L’Homme Intense: Worth Buying This Year? [Review]

Prada L’Homme Intense is a seductive iris and amber cologne for men released in 2017. Since it hit the market, L’Homme Intense has received extensive praise for its darker take on the original Prada L’Homme scent DNA. Has Prada struck gold here? Is L’Homme Intense worth buying? In today’s article, we’re going to find out.

Prada L’Homme Intense smells soapy and alluring

The opening of L’Homme Intense draws close parallels to the original L’Homme. That’s due to a distinct powdery note originating from the iris accord. The floral iris dominates the opening and endures throughout the scent’s life, conjuring an aroma that smells both soapy and sophisticated.

Soapy iris

Soon after this initial stage, Intense starts to develop into a darker, more brooding scent. Specifically, I pick out three things that contribute to that classification:

  • A resinous amber note which is not present in the original L’Homme. Here it adds softly smoky depth to the opening iris;
  • Sweet tonka bean is rolled into the emergent amber, contributing a mild nutty sweetness; and
  • A detectable undercurrent of sandalwood, which provides its typical creamy texture to the deep, softly smoky and sweet accords.
Sweet amber

Earlier, I also mentioned a leather note. It makes its appearance in the dry down, once the iris wanes. The leather smells masculine and tasteful – nothing dirty or abrasive here, fellas.

In summary, Prada L’Homme Intense begins as a powdery iris fragrance, developing into a deeper, sweet, warmer version of the same.

Traces of leather in the dry down

It smells soapy and elegant, skilfully balanced against sexy, alluring accords in the background. Prada fragrances tend to blend floral and provocative elements quite well and this release is no different.

Here’s what two reviewers had to say:

Wonderful opening with the straight forward Iris. The combination with amber and the smooth leather is so nice and the fine balanced sweetness from the tonka beans, just keep the smooth, powdery smokey iris and amber going. Really enjoyable.

Very nice, quite a ‘noir’ interpretation of the original L’Homme. Smoky iris, complimented by a dense tonka, and sweet leather & amber. Dry-down is divine, the powdery darkness of the iris really stands out, very alluring. Beautiful, long-lasting, perfect for autumn & winter.

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Performance is great

Testing has shown that Prada L’Homme Intense performs robustly on me. Consequently, I rate the performance as moderate to high.

In detail, L’Homme Intense projects out moderately for the first 4 hours, then sits closer to the skin for 5 hours more.  Therefore, you’re looking at around 9 hours of total longevity with this one.

If you want to max out the longevity, I’ve found it lasts even longer if you spray it on clothing. Not bad at all.

As versatile as the original…but

L’Homme Intense is equally as versatile as the OG, but for slightly different reasons.

Let me explain.

prada l'homme intense man
The type of occasion where you can wear this scent

I don’t believe you should wear L’Homme Intense in dignified scenarios (weddings, funerals etc) unlike the original L’Homme. The enigmatic sweet amber and leather undertones don’t translate well to those circumstances.

However, the scent profile is broadly appropriate for office wear, social events, dates, and casual wear. Additionally, go ahead and eagerly apply it in cooler and moderate temperatures – that’s when it’ll work best.

Prada L’Homme Intense – you’ve gotta check it out

prada l'homme intense

Prada L’Homme Intense has taken the best aspects from its predecessor and increased the sensuality.

L’Homme Intense continues to feature that heavy dose of sophisticated soapy iris that we know and love However, the iris has been infused with sexiness – headlined by dense amber, sweet tonka, and creamy sandalwood.

With respectable performance and versatility, L’Homme Intense is a must try by both curious and established iris admirers.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Prada L’Homme Intense?

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