5 Creed Colognes You MUST Try [Ranked]

Creed colognes were first crafted centuries ago. Since then, the legendary house of Creed has become synonymous with luxury, its iconic scents celebrated across the planet. Consequently, their offerings are often costly, and making an informed purchasing decision is vital. In today’s article, I’ll remove the guesswork. Here’s the first 5 colognes I recommend you explore from this famous fragrance brand.

5. Creed Silver Mountain Water

creed silver mountain water

Let’s kick this list off with a classic Creed creation, Silver Mountain Water (SMW).

SMW opens with a bright, zingy combo of bergamot and mandarin. However, its unique appeal lies just below the surface.

Notes of tea and blackcurrant emerge that display green, tart, and fruity nuances. Sandalwood and musk eventually introduce creaminess that lays a refined foundation underneath.

SMW manifests positive, calming character that’s best worn in summer and spring. Additionally, it cleverly balances freshness and depth – not dissimilar to others on this list

Silver Mountain Water has been out for decades and maintains the same sparkling touch it always has.

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4. Creed Virgin Island Water

creed virgin island water

Virgin Island Water (VIW) is next up as Creed’s easy-going holiday elixir.

VIW perfectly captures the essence of the Caribbean Islands. It opens with light creamy coconut, before juicy lime and sugar cane work their magic.

Next, peaceful florals and white rum underpin the luscious opening. Lastly, Creed’s trademark musk disperses fizzy texture amongst the quality ingredients. Although if you’d like more detail, I explore VIW further here.

VIW smells tastefully sweet and luscious, like a pina colada cocktail. This ideal summer getaway scent is best worn by laid-back men.  

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3. Creed Aventus

creed aventus

Creed Aventus, the consensus King of niche colognes, comes in next.

Does this ranking surprise you? Many would’ve placed it higher.

Personally, I enjoy the next 2 Creed scents more. Nevertheless, Aventus is still a bona fide winner in my books.

Aventus is regarded for its lively fruity citrus opening of bergamot and smoky pineapple. Masculine woods are layered below, with a clean musk underpinning all the accords.

There’s plenty of other nuances here too, skilfully combined into an appealing mix. Therefore, this has become the most famously influential scent on the planet.

Almighty Aventus has driven brands across the globe to attempt to replicate the high standard set. Thus, there’s plenty of alternatives out there, some I’ve mentioned here.

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2. Creed Viking

creed viking

Viking snags the penultimate position. It’s one of my personal favourite Creed colognes.

Viking is a mature and fresh spicy aroma, thanks to an opening of cooling mint. Punchy pepper is also present, making for a spirited and bracing start.

There’s lavender and citruses here too, united with an airy dash of rose. Finally, sandalwood rounds out the mixture with a familiar, woody backbone.

However, this isn’t a scent I recommend for younger guys. Established men will be most drawn to the classy character Viking evokes.

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1. Creed Aventus Cologne

aventus cologne

Aventus Cologne, the latest Aventus rendition, snags top place on my list.

You may wonder how Aventus Cologne surpassed the original in my rankings. After all, it has a comparable blend of citrus, woods, and musk.

However, the difference is in the detail.

This version features an opening of mandarin, a substitute for the smoky pineapple of its predecessor. Consequently, this freshens up the scent profile, offering enhanced likeability over the OG.

Ginger and tonka are new inclusions that’ve also been supplemented here. They combine to exude buoyant sweetness, an element the earlier version lacked.

Additionally, Aventus Cologne is highly versatile and transcends age groups. Therefore, it got the nod for first place.

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Creed Colognes – Final Thoughts

There you have it, 5 colognes by Creed I urge you to investigate. With tons of options on the market, knowing where to start is difficult. These 5 are personal favourites and consistently rank highly with experts across the globe.

For decades, Creed has been the benchmark for niche perfumery.

Accordingly, their creations are relentlessly copied by brands hoping to achieve similar stardom. After all, imitation is the greatest form of flattery.

I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below what you think of this list of 5 Creed Colognes?

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