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5 Proven CLASSY Colognes for Men [Listed]

As someone who likes to appreciate the finer things from time to time, I’ve always gravitated to men’s fragrances that match my lifestyle. Therefore, I’ve put together a list of 5 classy colognes that I own and really enjoy. Please keep in mind this is not an exhaustive list and I’ll be making some honourable mentions at the end!

5. Creed Viking

creed viking

I’m starting off my classy colognes list with one of my favourite fragrances from Creed, Creed Viking. This is a fresh aromatic scent that has a phenomenal blend of citrus and spice.

Viking is what I consider to be an old-school cologne with a modern twist. The mint and pepper accords, with hints of a masculine rose note, work effortlessly together.

Undertones of lavender and sandalwood give this fragrance depth and make it very well suited to a stylish, classy man aged 25+.

In fact, I enjoy Viking so much that I wrote a full review on it here.

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4. Dior Homme Intense

dior homme intense

A flanker of the popular original Dior Homme, Dior Homme Intense takes it up a notch by injecting an additional array of high quality ingredients.

Dior Homme Intense centres around a floral iris accord, which has been masterfully crafted to exude a modern, masculine edge. This cologne pairs excellently with a sophisticated, bold man.

Personally, I wear this fragrance during interviews when I need to bring my confident A game. Additionally, DHI has shockingly good performance. It lasts all day on my skin, and is about as good as it gets in this price range.

Want to learn more? Check out our in-depth review on Dior Homme Intense.

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3. Dunhill Icon

dunhill icon classy cologne

Dunhill Icon is an aromatic and fresh spicy scent for the modern man. Much like Creed Viking, it has a prominent pepper accord throughout. However unlike Viking, it goes in a different direction with bergamot and neroli.

Undoubtedly masculine and utterly classy, this is a true gentleman’s scent which is totally wearable year-round.

One of the best things about Dunhill Icon is its affordability. It’s the cheapest scent on this list and is widely available from discount stores.

Earlier this year I wrote a more detailed review on Dunhill Icon if you’re interested.

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2. YSL Tuxedo

ysl tuxedo classy cologne

It probably comes as no surprise that a men’s cologne called ‘Tuxedo’ makes it onto this list!

YSL Tuxedo is a formal superstar. It oozes classy elegance from beginning to end, expertly combining elements of freshness, spice, and sweetness to form something truly special.

This is a unique statement-making aroma that should be reserved for those extra special occasions. To top it all off, the performance is excellent, too.

I picked up a bottle of YSL Tuxedo this year, have a look at my detailed opinion.

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1. Amouage Reflection Man

amouage reflection man classy cologne

My final pick on my top 5 classy colognes list is the versatile superstar Amouage Reflection Man!

This is a white floral fragrance best defined by its combination of jasmine, neroli and woody undertones. Reflection Man is very clean, a little soapy, and ridiculously smooth.

However, where Reflection Man truly shines is in its versatility. Whilst it works excellently in classy scenarios, it can be dressed down in a casual manner too.

I’ve owned a bottle of Amouage Reflection Man for a while and have compiled my thoughts into a more detailed article. Check it out!

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Special Mentions

  • Mont Blanc Explorer – a versatile and mass-appealing fragrance best known for its likeness to Creed Aventus. A popular combination of citruses and woods.
  • Bleu de Chanel Parfum – extremely classy and elegant, contains a remarkable aroma of lemon zest and cedar.

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on my list of classy colognes for men?

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