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Thameen Carved Oud (Review): This or Oud Wood?

Thameen Carved Oud is a men’s cologne released back in 2013. The consensus is that it smells very similar to Tom Ford Oud Wood and I too noticed the likeness. However, with similarities also comes competition. The fragrance world is a passionate one and there’s tons of disagreement over which of these two is best. Today I’ll be giving my opinion about which is the better choice. Read until the end for my final verdict.

What does Carved Oud smell like?

Before I describe the scent let’s survey the notes. Carved Oud contains cardamom, cypress, pink pepper, oud, patchouli, musk, and amber.

Upon the initial spray, I smell the cardamom and cypress igniting the senses with their bracing, spicy allure. The cardamom, with its deep warmth, intertwines with the fresh, green essence of cypress.

A brisk and fresh addition of cypress

Furthermore, I notice traces of pink pepper, brightening things with soft piquancy.

Next comes the dark and woody oud. It’s smooth and refined, lacking any animalic or skanky facets. The oud melds seamlessly with the accompanying aspects, emitting warmth and coziness. To me the oud is certainly in a similar vein to Tom Ford Oud Wood.

The base of the fragrance is a soft and powdery blend of patchouli, musk, and amber, which add depth and complexity. The patchouli produces earthiness and sweetness, while the musk provides a hint of sensuality and smoothness.

oud accord
A prominent, warm oud accord

The amber infuses richness, adding a warm, resinous quality that complements the oud. Additionally, I notice that this facet lingers on the skin for a long time.

Despite the comparisons to Oud Wood, closer inspection reveals discrepancies. The Tom Ford scent is creamier and composed, akin to oud colognes like Versace Pour Homme Oud Noir.

Meanwhile, Carved Oud has distinct cardamom and pink pepper in the opening, which add punch, spice, and freshness. Additionally, it becomes powderier and muskier in the base which offers a softer, smoother experience than the alternatives.

This reviewer agrees:

It does have similarities to Tom Ford’s Oud Wood, but I think that Carved Oud is a much better take at that kind of fragrance style (woody oud). Carved Oud is smoother yet more complex than Oud Wood, and it also has a much better performance on my skin. It is spicier and richer than Oud Wood, and that brings more character to the scent.

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How does it perform?

Carved Oud has ascendancy in the performance department. It lasts longer and projects further than Oud Wood.

Specifically, I’ve found that it projects moderately from skin for the first 4 hours. Afterwards, it settles closer for another 5 before disappearing completely. Therefore, my testing reveals around 9 hours of total longevity.

When can you wear it?

Carved Oud’s woody character makes it suitable for some situations – but not so much others.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a night out, or a special evening event, Carved Oud’s warm embrace makes it ideal for nighttime affairs. Its captivating, dark energy will leave a lasting impression after the sun goes down.

man who wears thameen carved oud
A romantic night with Carved Oud

However, don’t restrict yourself based on that. I for one adore wearing richer, deeper fragrances during the daytime. Thus, I’ve personally worn this catching up with friends over coffee. Leisurely situations like that get my green tick.

However, as hinted at earlier, this is not an elixir for every circumstance. Carved Oud is a seasonally confined scent. I don’t care what time of day it is – if the humidity is thick or the sun is sweltering, this juice is an absolute no go.

In Summary – Thameen Carved Oud

thameen carved oud

With Thameen Carved Oud, the essence of oud reigns supreme.

Despite the stunning marquee note, it’s the supporting cast that sets this brooding juice apart. From the spicy, bracing tones in the opening, to the soft, sensual facets in the dry down.

Carved Oud takes Oud Wood and enriches it with depth and attitude. In my opinion, this makes it a superior option to its popular, renowned competitor.


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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Thameen Carved Oud?

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