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Bentley Silverlake reviewed: Smells like Acqua di Gio?

Bentley Silverlake is an aromatic citrus cologne for men. Released by luxury car producer Bentley Motors, Silverlake has emerged as an underrated perfume from the brand. During testing, I couldn’t believe the resemblances to Acqua di Gio, a popular (and more expensive) alternative. Silverlake has impressed me – and in today’s review, I’d like to explain to you in further detail why.

Bentley Silverlake smells fresh, masculine, and musky

Bentley Silverlake contains notes of lemon, mint, violet leaves, pepper, amberwood, and musk.

An uplifting burst of citric freshness is the first thing I notice when I spritz Silverlake on skin. No doubt lemon is the culprit, providing a zesty aroma with just the slightest tinge of sourness.

Fresh, zesty lemon

The mint note accompanying the lemon supplies Silverlake with a masculine edge. It smells green, brisk, and mildly spicy. Furthermore, the mint’s cooling nature restrains the otherwise energetic lemon into a rather composed state.

Spicy, brisk mint

As Bentley Silverlake continues to progress, notes of violet leaf and pepper begin to appear. Specifically, I describe their aromas like this:

  • Violet leaf – this comes across airy and ozonic, and in no way floral. It’s reminiscent of sea breeze on a warm summer’s day; and
  • Pepper – supports the mint as a mild yet robust spice, reminding us that this is a masculine scent through and through.

There is substantial change once Silverlake begins to dry down.

To explain, the citrus and spicy accords start to recede. The airy violet leaf remains, now projecting alongside emerging notes of amberwood and musk. This new duo combines to emanate a sweet, effervescent type scent, with faint traces of woods.

An airy, breezy, atmospheric-type quality

To summarise, Bentley Silverlake begins as a sturdy citrus and spicy scent, with ozonic undertones. Then, it develops into an aroma primarily featuring sweet amberwood and fizzy musk. The aromatic character of Silverlake, especially in the early and mid-stages, is highly reminiscent of Acqua di Gio fragrances, notably Profumo.

Here’s what two reviewers had to say:

Nice dumb reach when you just want to quickly get out of the house in summer. Inoffensive, fresh and nice. Nothing ground breaking but definitely a good release for the line. Acqua di gio vibes.

Anytime, any place, anywhere…., not Martini, but Bentley Silverlake. So many summer scents to choose from, this is a notch above. Fresh, clean, a bit ozonic. Uplifting, not soapy. Something Creed-ish in the background – musk or ambergris? Really good performance too. Well done again Bentley.

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Projection and Longevity is surprisingly decent

Fresh fragrances are often criticized for their poor performance. That isn’t the case with Bentley Silverlake.

This one holds up surprisingly well on my skin. Furthermore, it projects out and forms a moderate scent bubble for the first 2 hours. Then, it settles closer to the skin for another 6, lasting 8 hours in total.

Honestly guys, the projection and longevity are quite effective when you consider the scent profile and affordable price tag.

Most wearable in warmer weather

Bentley Silverlake is your quintessential summer and spring cologne.

When the heat cranks up, Silverlake comes out to play. This scent works a charm for both casual and social events, and the office. Additionally, it can be dressed up or down for formal occasions and the gym, respectively.

man who wears bentley silverlake
Silverlake can be dressed up or down in warmer weather

Silverlake’s capable range and versatility during those warmer seasons is one of its greatest strengths.

When the temperatures plummet, I recommend you turn to another cologne from the brand, Bentley for Men Intense.

Bentley Silverlake – wrap up

bentley silverlake

There you have it, my conclusive thoughts on Bentley for Men Silverlake.

This fragrance has a sturdy citrus quality, supported by other notes that compare closely to Acqua di Gio colognes. Furthermore, the amber and musky dry down is a pleasant deviation from the aromatic scent perpetuating in the earlier stages.

Silverlake is inoffensive, fresh and maintains a sense of class throughout. With unexpectedly decent performance and a budget-friendly price tag, it’ll soon be receiving more hype. Until then, it remains a hidden gem for us to enjoy.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Bentley Silverlake?

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