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Acqua di Gio EDP Review: A Superb Flanker? (Yes)

Acqua di Gio EDP is a men’s fragrance launched in 2022. This fresh, aromatic cologne is a recent addition to the range by Giorgio Armani. As an Acqua di Gio fan, I was compelled to test it for myself. I ended up buying a bottle because the scent’s superb. Let me explain why you should consider it for yourself.

Acqua di Gio EDP smells fresh, aromatic, and green

Firstly, let’s start with the ingredients. Acqua di Gio EDP contains sea notes, mandarin, sage, lavender, minerals, vetiver, and patchouli.

The scent begins with an instant burst of aquatic sea notes. They smell refreshingly marine, with a mild sea-salty tinge.

Sea notes in the opening

Side note: This initial oceanic element draws immediate parallels with Acqua di Gio Profondo.

Mandarin emerges simultaneously alongside the sea notes. This citrus accord provides juicy vibrancy at the early stage.

An aromatic spiciness comes to the fore once the opening subsides. The following ingredients become noticeable:

  • Clary sage grants a crisp, bitter touch;
  • Lavender complements the sage with a soft, herbaceous dimension. Unexpectedly, it doesn’t display much floral trace here; and
  • Mineral notes, which disperse an ozonic, metallic subtlety in the background.
Crisp sage

Lastly, the scent’s dry down reveals two further nuances.

They’re a pairing of patchouli and vetiver. They support the earlier aromatic mixture with slightly smoky, green earthiness.

In summary, the EDP smells fresh, brisk, and grounded. I describe its profile as Acqua di Gio Greatest Hits. It takes the minimalistic model of Acqua di Gio EDT and injects a bracing, modern energy. Furthermore, Profondo’s opening aquatics are here, as are Profumo’s composed patchouli undertones.

See this reviewer’s comments:

As expected this fragrance is gonna get alot of hate, just because it’s a popular name. Don’t listen to the negative reviews. This is a great release and probably the best next to Profumo. Aquatic, citrus, green and woody. Fantastic release Armani!

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Modest performance

Acqua di Gio EDP’s performance is modest, closely resembling prior releases.

Specifically, it projects moderately from my skin for the first 2 hours. Once it dries, it then lasts for 4 more. Therefore, longevity is up to 6 hours total.

This scent is ideal to spritz throughout the day. It’ll never become cloying or overbearing.

Reliable in MANY settings

Armani has done impressive work with the versatility. Thus, like its predecessors, Acqua di Gio EDP isn’t restricted to any singular setting.

man wearing acqua di gio edp
This guy wears the EDP

It’s wearable in casual situations, at outdoor events, or the gym. The scent profile is so inoffensive it’s even safe for the office too.

Accordingly, its appeal also allows it to dabble as a summer & spring formal fragrance alternative.

In Conclusion – Acqua di Gio EDP

acqua di gio edp

Acqua di Gio EDP is an uplifting, contemporary take on the Acqua di Gio DNA. It brings the best from prior releases and crafts them into one clean composition.

It contains an invigorating deep-sea opening, before transitioning to spicy herbaceous aromatics. They linger after the scent dries down, becoming immersed with a masculine, green base.

If you enjoy Acqua di Gio colognes like me, this one’s a no brainer.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Acqua di Gio EDP?

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