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Rasasi Hawas review: A HIDDEN Gem Cologne

Rasasi Hawas is a men’s cologne that was released in 2015. It was launched to little fanfare due to limited popularity of the brand. However, it has started receiving glowing reviews thanks to its uniquely satisfying aquatic aroma. In today’s article, I’m giving Hawas the platform it deserves. Hang around and let me explain why I enjoy it so much.

Rasasi Hawas smells aquatic with fruits, spices, and musk

Hawas contains accords of apple, citrus, cinnamon, watery notes, cardamom, amber, and musk.

On first spray I’m greeted with a bright apple note. The apple carries a sweetly crisp tone, similar to its function in YSL Y Le Parfum.

Alongside the apple emanates a duet of citruses; specifically, bergamot and lemon. These contribute a supportive aura of sparkling freshness.

However, what really makes the opening interesting is an undercurrent of cinnamon. This mildly spicy inclusion is an unexpected touch to this composition. Although, it’s skilfully blended to bring balance to the other accords.

Spicy cinnamon

As Hawas develops, the early fruits and citruses slowly retreat. Then, watery notes and cardamom rise to meet the cinnamon spice. In detail:

  • Watery notes – provide an oceanic, aquatic feel without any trace of saltiness; and
  • Cardamom – introduces a warm, calming essence. It plays a similar role to cinnamon, bringing balance to the aquatic, fresh ingredients.
Watery, aquatic notes

The amber and musk notes emerge once Hawas dries down. These accords generate a newly founded depth and complexity. Impressively, this deep musky dry down is reminiscent of much more expensive Creed fragrances.

Despite this development, the aroma never loses its spirited aquatic feel since the spices and watery notes endure until the end. Rasasi has impressively balanced a range of notes to make this scent feel refreshing yet robust.

Amber in the base

Have a look at this reviewer’s comments:

This is an excellent, aquatic scent which is in a similar vibe to Invictus Aqua but with a more noticeable ambergris note and a more fruitier feel. It is very good for compliments and the longevity is off the charts! An excellent concoction.


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Surprisingly strong performance

Most aquatic fragrances notoriously lack competent projection and longevity.

That isn’t the case here. Hawas is built different.

Specifically, I’ve discovered that it projects moderately for at least the first 3 hours. Then, it settles, sitting closer to skin for 7 hours more. Therefore, expect at least 10 hours of longevity out of this bad boy.

Unexpectedly versatile for an aquatic

I’ve been surprised by this scent’s flexible application.

This isn’t just a stock standard daytime summer scent fellas. Whether it be casual, work, or a night out, Hawas possesses the versatility to cover many situations. You can thank the broad yet balanced scent profile for that.

man wearing rasasi hawas
A man who would wear Hawas

However, romantic, intimate evenings will require something more seductive – like Tom Ford Noir Extreme.

Lastly, the mature leaning dry down makes Hawas most suitable for men in their 20’s and above.

In Conclusion – Rasasi Hawas

rasasi hawas

Rasasi Hawas is a men’s cologne that I’m grateful to have uncovered.

Despite early citrus and aquatic elements, this fragrance is more than that. Tasteful spices and a sophisticated dry down provide unique character that separates it from competitors.

With strong performance and expansive versatility, this is one hidden gem you must try.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Rasasi Hawas?

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