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5 Sexy BAD BOY Colognes for Men [Listed]

Looking to exude a bad boy attitude? We’ve got you covered. In today’s article, we’re taking a quick look at 5 bad boy colognes which will serve you well in just about any situation. We’ve worn these colognes extensively and each one will work well for a man looking to assert a seductive presence.

5. Azzaro Wanted by Night

azzaro wanted by night cologne

Wanted by Night is a modern designer cologne which undeniably evokes those bad boy vibes. It contains a vigorous cinnamon note; which dries down into mature tobacco, woody, and leather accords.

It’s a powerful, lingering scent to wear in the cooler months, and applicable across a range of occasions.

A reviewer on had this to say about Wanted by Night:

This is the quintessential bad boy, sexy-guy-frag. Easily could be for date nights or intimate situations, probably perfect for bars or clubs too. 😉 Wouldn’t recommend this in the summer, it’s basically for cooler weather.

We undertook our own more detailed review on Wanted by Night here.

Did we also mention it’s very affordable? A great option for the budget conscious.

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4. Acqua di Gio Profumo

Now bear with us on this one.

You may be wondering why a fresh aquatic scent has made its way onto our Top 5 list. After all, it does contain marine, bergamot, and sage notes.

Well, it’s all thanks to the masterstroke addition of a dark incense note to the aroma. This really deepens the fragrance and gives it a mysterious edge.

Look at what this user had to say about Profumo:

Right off the bat, this is definitely for a mature man, 25 years old+. That brooding element I previously wrote is fitting as this adds a hint of dark notes that make this more mysterious/interesting. It is still fresh like the original, but adds a sexy gravitating pull to it.

We agree with the sentiments above, and strongly encourage you to give this bad boy summer scent a try.

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3. V&R Spicebomb Extreme

Spicebomb Extreme was always going to make this list.

It’s an explosive combination of tobacco and pepper, blended cleverly with sweet vanilla to keep the fragrance balanced.

Spicebomb Extreme is best in cooler seasons, but I’ve pulled it off in warmer months thanks to the fresh spiciness present in the aroma.

A review on had this to say about Spicebomb Extreme:

It is very spicy, warm, sweet, alluring, and smooth. An awesome combination of vanilla, black pepper, and tobacco here, with the caraway and lavender hiding in the background. It is one of the best fragrances incorporating those notes to me, even when compared to fragrances with more than 2x the price of this one.

We enjoy this cologne so much we conducted our own full review here.

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2. Tom Ford Ombre Leather

bad boy colognes tom ford ombre leather

The masculine leather fragrance Ombre Leather was another addition to this list we just had to include.

Ombre Leather is known for its daring and smooth leather accord, elegantly blended around warm spicy and floral notes.

This is one of the most wearable leather fragrances on the market. Additionally, it’s bold, yet sexy and appealing; perfect for the modern bay boy.

A reviewer had these remarks about this scent:

Opens with a bold realistic leather accord – dark and smokey with some underlying sweetness. Smells like a brand new designer wallet. After a while, the leather becomes softer and creamier and a beautiful floral sweetness and amber warmth becomes more pronounced. The leather + jasmine contrast is stunning yet somehow it fits perfectly.

Ombre Leather is a favourite of ours too, so we had to review it in more detail.

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1. Dior Sauvage

bad boy colognes sauvage edp

It would be a SIN not to include the globally popular Dior Sauvage EDP in this Top 5 bad boy colognes list!

Sauvage EDP is all about bergamot, pepper, and lavender that’s underpinned by a seductive, ambery ambroxan accord. They combine to produce a fresh, spicy, sweet, and musky aroma.

One reviewer on had this to say about Sauvage EDP:

So good (actually great) that it’s one of those rare finds that transcends all age groups, seasons, and reasons for wearing. It’s like it has a metamorphic quality ingredient that enables Sauvage edp to suit the wearer, no matter who he is.

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Check out the article we wrote comparing Dior Sauvage EDP and Dior Sauvage Parfum. Furthermore, we’ve also reviewed the newest release, Dior Sauvage Elixir!

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on our list of bad boy colognes for men?

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