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Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man: 2022 Review [Updated]

Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man is a men’s fragrance that was released in 2015. Hyped as a woody citrus scent, it’s best known for its close interpretation of the Creed Aventus. I bought a bottle of Club de Nuit ages ago and just about used it all. Therefore, I’ve had plenty of time to form a final opinion. It’s time I let you in on what I think about this scent.

Club de Nuit Intense Man smells citrusy, woody, and smoky

The main notes in this cologne include birch wood, pineapple, lemon, apple, black currant and musk.

When I spray it on skin I initially smell a robust citrus punch of pineapple and lemon. This combination offers a potently fresh and invigorating hit to the senses.

Lemon in the opening

As the composition progresses, I observe subtle sweet hints of apple and black currant lingering as undertones.

The dry down is where Club de Nuit really shines. In detail, the opening lemon accord slowly withdraws. A woody, smoky energy then comes to the forefront alongside the pineapple. Specifically, the birch wood and musk make themselves stand out, blending cleverly with the remaining notes.

pineapple in armaf club de nuit intense man

As mentioned, Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man is often compared to the famous niche fragrance Creed Aventus. There are distinct similarities, yet there are some differences. For example, this one has a much more vigorous opening as opposed to Aventus. Despite that, Club de Nuit still made my list of top Creed Aventus alternatives.

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Performance is excellent

I rate the performance on of this fragrance highly.

It is strong, and does linger for quite a while.

In detail, Club de Nuit projects out 3 feet from skin for the first 4 hours. Then, it simmers closer to skin for 6 more. Therefore, expect about 10 total hours of longevity here guys.

Not just a clubbing scent

Don’t let the name fool you.

Having club in the name is not truly expressive of this scent’s versatility. Yes, it can be worn in the club, but it’s capable of much more than that.

You could pull this off in any season or occasion if you wanted. Personally, Club de Nuit has become my go-to for the gym or casual occasions. Although there are better fragrances for extremely hot or very cold days, this is a smart solution whilst you build up your cologne collection.

Check out what this other reviewer thinks about this fragrance:

What a beast! For this price you really can’t get better, great scent, great longevity, top notch quality. Blind buy worthy and signature scent worthy for sure!

The only complaint I have is the lemon note is a bit harsh in the opening but only a little bit. Other than that this is just awesome. 9/10.

In Conclusion – Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man

club de nuit intense man

Update: The mass appeal, versatility and price make this a worthy addition to your collection this year.

The strong citrusy opening is huge hit to the senses – something you must experience for yourself. Furthermore, the smoky pineapple and birch aroma keeps getting better the longer it lingers on skin.

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I want to hear from you! Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments and on Instagram! What are your thoughts on Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man?

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Dan Webster
Dan Webster

Definitely, CDNIM is an incredible, value driven and wonderful smelling fragrance. The price performance ratio makes it an excellent buy. For those wanting something different with excellent longevity and strong sillage, then this is it. The lemon opening is razor sharp.

Followed by the woodsy, smokey birch, are the pineapple and musk and bergamot. I’ve heard all kinds of compliments with this one and always unsolicited. So, it’s definitely a safe blind buy if you like smokey fragrances with a fruity twist. Excellent stuff.


It is a little bit of an enigma for me, just about every time I wear it I get noticed and asked what it is. But also I can’t get over that I think it smells like someone is burning a barrel of pine sol floor cleaner especially at the opening. So it is a scent I wear reluctantly at times even if it is mass appealing.

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