4 Men’s Fragrance Trends I’m Watching in 2024

The last few years for men’s fragrances have been fascinating. We’ve seen companies adapt to a global pandemic and changing consumer demands. Also, we’ve witnessed some of the comical marketing tactics employed to boost sales. In my view the next 12 months won’t be any different. Stick around to discover my men’s fragrance predictions for 2024.

Weird and bizarre names

In a competitive industry, companies will try anything to boost profits. Thus, fragrance brands often deploy guerilla marketing to draw attention. Recently, that’s involved some eyebrow-raising name choices. I suspect this will continue throughout 2024.

For example, take Carolina Herrera Bad Boy Dazzling Garden. Yeah, you read that right. A cologne released at the end of 2023 and billed as a mysterious, dreamlike aroma. Regardless of the description, that name’s straight out of a fairytale.

men's fragrance dazzling garden
What were they thinking with Dazzling Garden?

Or Valentino Born in Roma Green Stravaganza, which early reviews suggest is a coffee dominant aroma. A huge difference to what the strange name suggests.

Or even Jean Paul Gaultier Le Beau Paradise Garden, another fragrance slated for 2024 launch. Sensing a trend here?

But pivoting away from the crazy green gardens, you’ve even got proven provocateur Tom Ford making a splash. This time? With the release of Vanilla Sex. A name that needs little explanation. Not that I’ve heard anything positive about it so far.

Creativity should always be applauded. However, they’re targeting 12 year olds with these name selections.

More ‘Intense’, ‘Parfum’, and ‘Elixir’ flankers

The last few years have seen an explosion in the development of flankers. For example, [insert cologne name] Intensely, Parfum, Elixir, Extrait – the list goes on.

From a commercial standpoint, it makes sense. Releasing flankers reduces costs and channels the success of preceding releases.

ysl y edp intense
YSL Y EDP Intense. Yet another flanker.

Creatively, however? It’s nonexistent, and there’s growing fatigue about how prevalent flankers have become. Often they comprise only slight changes – with extortionate price tags attached.

Nevertheless, I don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon.

Eco-friendly design really takes off

More than ever, brands are being held accountable for social responsibility. Purchaser feedback indicates that companies must be conscious of the world they’re working in. The alternative just brings too much bad PR.

Eco-friendly fragrance design has taken off in recent years and I expect this trend to ramp up in 2024.

A recent example is refillable bottles. A process by which cologne atomisers can be removed and topped up from an external source. Dior started this a few years ago with their Sauvage line.

men's fragrance dior sauvage
Refillable Sauvage

Additionally, recyclable bottles have also seen a burst in popularity. For example, Acqua di Gio EDP. For this release, Armani replaced the plastic caps with biodegradable wooden ones, seated on top of refillable, glass bottles. Also, Armani states that the scent has been crafted from “sustainably purchased ingredients”.

Check the wooden cap

Are brands as environmentally friendly as they boast about? Absolutely not. Their marketing spin gives them more credit than they deserve. However, production will continue to move more and more in this direction. 

Dior or Chanel will FINALLY launch something new

It’s been years since Dior released their latest Sauvage flanker, Elixir. For Chanel’s famed Bleu de Chanel line, it’s been even longer. The COVID years wreaked havoc on profitability and brands decided to play it safe. Flankers were the name of the game, minimising financial risk and riding on the coattails of prior successes.

I think that’s due to change this year. Dior, Chanel, or both, will release a new flagship men’s fragrance in 2024.

We’ve seen the first glimpse from Yves Saint Laurent. In 2023 they dropped YSL MYSLF, a brand new scent not based on any existing composition. Despite how conservative MYSLF smells, this is an early sign that big hitting designer brands might spread their wings post-COVID.

men's fragrance ysl myslf
YSL MYSLF is a new flagship release

Do I have any evidence to support my claim? Nope.

Have I heard any rumours indicating any massive, imminent release? Also no.

However, if the two biggest juggernauts in the industry can’t get their shit together, the designer fragrance market might be doomed.

To Sum Up – Men’s Fragrance Trends

There you have it, the men’s fragrance trends and predictions I’m making for 2024.

Some of these are safe guesses, whilst others, especially the last, are much more ambitious.

Regardless, I’ll be keeping a close eye on how the men’s cologne industry evolves over the course of this year.

I want you on this journey with me. Join my email newsletter for a regular update on all my latest content.

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on my list of the 2024 men’s fragrance trends to watch?

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