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Louis Vuitton L’Immensite (Review): Luxury Citrus

Louis Vuitton L’Immensite is a cologne released in 2018. It’s part of LV’s masculine collection, becoming known for its smooth freshness. I got my nose on it recently and have concluded it’s well worth trying. That’s because it isn’t your average citrus scent – it smells elevated and luxurious. Read on for my full thoughts.

L’Immensite smells like smooth citruses, brisk herbs, and amber

L’Immensite contains several ingredients including grapefruit, bergamot, ginger, water notes, sage, rosemary, ambroxan, and amber.

Initially, citruses are what you’ll notice on first spray. Grapefruit is most prevalent, but there’s bergamot here too. Together, they smell sparkling and fresh, with grapefruit infusing some sweetness.

Sparkling, smooth grapefruit

Ginger pairs with this combo. It provides a dash of fizzy tang that opens a spicy dimension. At this stage, the mixture smells distinctly similar to Bvlgari Tygar.

Once the aroma has had 20 minutes to develop some subtle changes occur:

  • Watery notes keep the cologne smelling clean and light with a liquid texture; and
  • Herbaceous touches of sage and rosemary add some spry, aromatic energy. However, they’re only subtle and tucked behind the other accords.
Herbal touches of sage

Finally, the dry down phase arrives. The early zingy citruses and watery notes pull back. However, the bracing aromatic elements continue, now supported by amber and ambroxan. This new duo contributes a fizzy, sweet musk-like density. Also, amber usually projects warmth, but there’s not much of that happening here.

In summary, Louis Vuitton L’Immensite smells like smooth citruses with zingy spices. Then it becomes more aqueous and aromatic, before bracing herbs mingle amongst a sweet ambery base. Although it’s straightforward and fresh, the blend and quality of ingredients is a sophisticated level above.

Check out the comments from this reviewer:

This is almost a much more niche-feeling version of Bleu de Chanel, heavy on citrus and amber from opening to drydown. The heart starts to project a salty marine quality, while the drydown emphasizes the ambery vibe. Although it is fresh-leaning and qualifies as a “blue” shower-gel-like cologne, L’Immensité smells high-quality, elegant, and bougie


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Moderate performance

Performance-wise L’Immensite rates moderately, similarly to other grapefruit-ambroxan scents like Versace Dylan Blue.

Specifically, I’ve found it projects softly from skin for the first 3 hours. Afterwards, it draws closer, becoming a skin scent for another 4. Accordingly, you’ll get about 7 hours of total longevity.

Very versatile

The modest, mature character of L’Immensite provides tons of versatility.

Its inoffensive nature makes it suitable for everyday use and the office environment. Additionally, spray when catching up with friends or even for a daytime date.

man who wears louis vuitton l'immensite
There aren’t many situations you can’t wear it

Despite the citrus and watery notes, this isn’t just a Summer scent. The herbal and amber facets are appropriate when the weather cools, too.

Accordingly, it’s way more flexible than other Louis Vuitton colognes – especially the daring titan Ombre Nomade.

In Conclusion – Louis Vuitton L’Immensite

louis vuitton l'immensite

L’Immensite is one of the most likeable scents from this famed designer brand.

Opening with polished citruses, the scent then promotes watery and zingy herbaceous tones. Lastly, amber arises, perpetuating refined depth.

L’Immesite is never abrasive and always maintains a contemporary, confident feel that coincides with the modern man.

Nice work Louis.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Louis Vuitton L’Immensite?

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