Mancera Colognes: 5 Scents You MUST Try (Listed)

Mancera colognes are some of the best bang for buck fragrances on the market. They’re captivating and pleasant, possessing solid performance for an affordable price. However, the brand has well over 60 fragrances for men at time of writing, so it’s difficult to determine which ones to try first. In this article, I’ll be revealing the 5 Mancera colognes you’d be smart to start with.

Mancera Instant Crush

mancera instant crush

The playfully sweet Instant Crush is one of the first Mancera colognes you’ve gotta try.

Instant Crush opens with a bright duet of fruits and saffron, with some soft spicy ginger dispersed underneath. Then it becomes warmer and sweeter, due to the prominent usage of amberwood, vanilla, and musk.

Many compare this alluring elixir to cotton candy and the resemblance is uncanny. It smells like sparkling burnt sugar, evoking a positive and uplifting energy from beginning to end.

This juice is also unisex, so don’t be surprised if your partner decides to steal it for themselves.

Instant Crush is super alluring and complex, and I have problems to describe it in an easy way. It has very pleasant and light creamy-sweet character with added heavenly juicy freshening from the citruses. There are some floral and little spicy vibes that are mixed in harmoniously.

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Mancera Aoud Lemon Mint

mancera aoud lemon mint

Aoud Lemon Mint is another Mancera cologne you must sniff as soon as possible.

As the name suggests, this aroma has prominent notes of oud and lemon. It’s a peculiar (and potentially perilous) combination that somehow seems to just work. The energetic, fresh citruses are balanced cleverly with dense underlying oud, vanilla, and amber.

With strong projection and versatility to boot, Aoud Lemon Mint was a huge surprise that defied the odds to earn a place amongst my personal Mancera favourites.

Wonderful. Powerful oud with a fresh zesty lemon first. Almond, vetiver. A rare “warm+fresh” fragrance. Feels so good on a cold day. Feels like a stronger, even bolder L’Homme Ideal. This is so strong I should have sprayed just a couple of times, beware people.

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Mancera Cedrat Boise

mancera cedrat boise

The enormously popular Mancera Cedrat Boise was a total no-brainer to include in this list. It’s the best-selling scent from the brand and also the most recognisable.

Cedrat Boise opens with a rich, fresh tartness from citruses, black currant, and spices. Then it becomes deeper and more complex over time, due to the introduction of woods, leather, and vanilla.

This is a likeable aroma renowned for versatility, adaptable to any season or occasion. It’s often compared to the mighty Creed Aventus for that reason.

I feel beautiful mixed fruits with a luxurious leather note, citrus chords appear, very great performance, some similarities with Aventus, however I feel that Cedrat Boise is deeper and better scent and performance.

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Mancera Red Tobacco

mancera red tobacco

In the penultimate position arrives the Red Beast. Mancera Red Tobacco is the most muscular of all Mancera colognes.

Oud and tobacco headline Red Tobacco, combining to smell smouldering and smoky. Warm spices and sweetness come into play too, tempering the vigorous nature of the scent.

Masculine at its core, this is a fragrance that oozes testosterone. It’s a powerful, statement-making blend that’ll undeniably draw attention. Therefore, you only need apply a few sprays.

If you care about performance and potency and little else, Red Tobacco should at the top of your list.

This is manly, strong, powerful and smells fantastic. The tobacco just stays and stays for hours on end, along with the other ingredients jumping around that are blended with perfection. I also get vanilla kicking in during the later part of the dry down.

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Mancera Cedrat Boise Intense

cedrat boise intense

Cedrat Boise Intense snags the final position on this list of Mancera colognes.

Of surprise to precisely nobody, Cedrat Boise Intense is a more intense version of its predecessor.

Firstly, it does open with comparable citruses and fruity black currant. However, there’s a greater focus on spices early on, while a smoky oud accord emerges over time. Then, amber and sandalwood work together to smooth things out.

Although a little less versatile than the original, this interpretation is darker and more brooding. Therefore, I consider it a more suitable option to spray after dark.

I love this juice. They made it smoother, better, woodier. They took the OG and made it somehow bigger, but better. It utterly slaps, in every way. Even if you are like me, and have multiple of the OG, still get this one.

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In Conclusion – Mancera Colognes

In conclusion, Mancera is one of the most cherished niche fragrance brands on the planet. Although warmly regarded for their price and performance, few can afford to test the entirety of their range. In this list, I’ve identified 5 of the brand’s most esteemed and highly-rated men’s colognes that I recommend every man check out.

I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts about this list of Mancera colognes?

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