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1 Million Elixir Totally Misled Me (Reviewed)

1 Million Elixir is a men’s fragrance that came out in 2022. It’s another release in the well-known line of 1 Million colognes by designer Paco Rabanne. Additionally, the brand describes Elixir as a more intense and rich offering compared to those prior flankers. After testing it, I totally disagree with that description. However, I still think it’s a phenomenal release. Let’s explore why.

What does 1 Million Elixir smell like?

Let’s start with the notes. 1 Million Elixir contains vanilla, apple, davana, rose, cedarwood, tonka, and patchouli.

Firstly, the opening is dominated by apple and vanilla. The duo elicits a fresh fruit sweetness that immediately sets a positive tone. The vanilla smells addictive, like a vanilla cupcake, and similar to the sweetness in Armani Stronger With You Absolutely.

Sweet vanilla is immediately noticeable

Also, nestled next to them is a davana accord. Davana is a herb, and here it gives off a green, aromatic-type feel.  Very similar to artemisia – another common herb found in colognes in prada luna rossa ocean.

Thus, the opening doesn’t exactly ooze the traits typical of an elixir. However, it does become more complex once it develops:

  • Rose emerges, adding a subtle sweet floral touch; and
  • Cedarwood comes out too, laying a dry, woody backbone.
Creamy tonka

Lastly comes the dry down phase. Finally, the scent starts to deepen somewhat! The tonka and patchouli arise, smelling creamy and chocolatey. They combine with the cedarwood to give off a sensual, masculine feel.

In summary, 1 Million Elixir smells like sweet vanilla and apple. It’s supported with some soft, aromatic, and floral touches. Then, it dries down into a cozy sweet, woody, patchouli scent.

Despite the label, it doesn’t embody the intensity I was expecting. Nevertheless, it is sexy, sweet, and a clever pivot for the 1 Million line. The overwhelming cloying spices of earlier releases are gone. Here, they’ve been replaced with a diversity of notes that feel more complete and alluring.

Here’s some comments from another review:

This is my guilty pleasure fragrance. It’s sweet, addictive and smells absolutely incredible in the air. Yes, it’s synthetic and smells synthetic, but that doesn’t take away from how good this really smells. This is currently the best 1 million in production.


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When can you wear it?

Colognes with an Elixir tagline are often exclusive after-dark scents. However, I’ve found that 1 Million Elixir does marvelous work no matter the time of day.

Wear this during casual occasions, dates, and nights out. It’s an easygoing scent that’s best worn in fun, flirty situations. Hence, it’s not the greatest option for the office – go for F Black by Ferragamo instead.

man who wears 1 million elixir
A social, flirty scent

Additionally, Elixir is suitable for cooler and moderate temperatures. The sweetness can get cloying in summer so best to avoid the high heat. 

How does it perform?

This golden juice has strong longevity and sillage. Even on par with the beast original 1 Million. Thus, it gets a big tick of approval from me.

Overall, 1 Million Elixir lasts for 9 hours on skin. It projects moderately for the first 3, then resides closer for the final 6.

There’s really no need to overspray with this one.

In Summary – 1 Million Elixir

1 million elixir

1 Million Elixir missed my expectations but I’m glad it did.

Surprisingly, you’re first greeted with bright sweetness, adorned with touches of rose and herbs. It only becomes slightly darker and creamier during the dry down. That’s when the woods, tonka, and chocolate-esque patchouli make their mark.

Regardless, it doesn’t possess the extreme thickness and density I was led to believe. Impressively, it introduces a stylish twist to the 1 Million DNA that makes it a worthy pickup.


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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on 1 Million Elixir?

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