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YSL Tuxedo Reviewed by a Fragrance Consultant

YSL Tuxedo is a recent men’s cologne release, best known for its uniquely sophisticated and mature aroma. After smelling a sample, I knew I had to go out and buy a bottle. That was several months ago, and I’ve spent plenty of time with it since then. Let’s quickly break it down and find out if it’s worth a purchase this year.

Cologne Notes

The main accords I can smell from Tuxedo are bergamot, coriander, pepper, violet leaf, vanilla, amber, and patchouli.

How Does YSL Tuxedo Smell?

The opening of Tuxedo is what I’d describe as bold and sophisticated. This fragrance is superbly well blended and balanced – therefore, picking out individual notes proves a difficult task. However, I’ll give you an overview of what elements my nose can extract from this scent.

The fresh bergamot accord is present immediately, providing an expected energetic kick. Violet leaf is there too, and contributes an aspect of subtle greenness.


There are also refined, subtle attributes of spice coming from the coriander and pepper. However, I must emphasise that the spice is not the dominant feature of this cologne.

Incredibly, Tuxedo’s opening also has a dimension of sweetness. This is coming from the bourbon vanilla accord, which does smell a little boozy as well.

Boozy vanilla

Once Tuxedo starts to dry down, the deeper elements emerge.

Bergamot and violet leaf are gradually replaced by amber and patchouli. The amber provides a rich, dense backbone to the fragrance. Additionally, the patchouli adds a reserved, masculine, and sensibly earthy quality to the scent profile.


Overall, it’s fair to say there is a lot happening with YSL Tuxedo. I’d describe it as slightly fresh green, spicy, sweet, with some dense components. However, the fragrance manages to handle the interplay of the elements in a composed, linear way.

Check out my youtube review below:

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Longevity and Projection

Tuxedo is a moderately projecting scent, radiating up to a few feet away from your skin for the first 3 hours. Also, the longevity is exceptional. I can smell Tuxedo on my skin over 12+ hours after applying. It lingers around, forming an intimate scent bubble for quite a long time.

Occasions and Versatility

As the name of the fragrance suggests, this is an out-and-out formal fragrance. A suited man in an office or business setting would wear Tuxedo best. Additionally, black tie events or formal dates would also work well. If you’re looking for a casual fragrance, I think there are better options out there.

Check out this reviewer’s comments on this scent:

Sweet amber patchouli infused with light, juicy floral touches and soft spices. The YSL website describes it as “smoked patchouli blended with ambergris accord.” It has a lush opening which is a bit “fruity” if I may say so. It settles into a quite memorable sweet patchouli musk with subtle spice. We may have a bit of a masterpiece on our hands here I daresay!


YSL Tuxedo is About as Classy as it Gets

ysl tuxedo

Updated: Tuxedo is a very classy fragrance. The name says all you need to know – it’s unapologetic sophistication captured in a bottle.

Tuxedo stands tall as a bold, intricate and modern release from YSL which I believe will serve you well for the office and those extra special occasions.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on YSL Tuxedo?

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