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Stronger With You Intensely Review: VERY Alluring (I Promise)

Stronger With You Intensely is a men’s fragrance released in 2019 by Giorgio Armani. It’s a warm, sweet cologne that’s gained momentum as a favourite amongst fragrance lovers. The glowing reviews got me curious, so I had to get my nose on it. After testing, I can confidently say I’m now a fan, and encourage you to try it too. Read on and I’ll give more detail.

Stronger With You Intensely smells like sweet toffee with rich, deep undertones

Firstly, let’s cover the ingredients. Stronger With You Intensely contains notes of toffee, cinnamon, pink pepper, lavender, suede, vanilla, and amber.

Initially, a prominent toffee note will greet you. Here, it smells sticky-sweet and edible, drawing parallels with Azzaro The Most Wanted.

Sticky sweet toffee

Additionally, the opening possesses liveliness. A supportive cinnamon accord is the cause, providing a warm kick. It skilfully balances the sweetness, preventing it from becoming too thick.

Pink pepper is present too. It aids the cinnamon’s role with a bright, dry spiciness in the background. Moreover, it gives the scent an undeniable masculine lean.

Bright pink pepper

When the aroma starts developing, you’ll notice some changes:

  • An aromatic lavender accord is unveiled. It introduces a slight floral dimension, softly pulsing underneath; and
  • A supple suede note also emerges. It smells luxurious, supplying the aroma with a faint leather-like texture. Official sources list it as a base note, but it’s noticeable way sooner than that.

Lastly, we reach the dry down phase.

Deep, smoky amber in the base

The delectable toffee recedes, replaced with a vanilla and amber pairing. This ensures the addictive sweetness continues, just in a smokier vanillic form.

In summary, Stronger With You Intensely starts as a delicious gourmand fragrance with spicy undertones. Then, floral lavender and suede provide complexity. Finally, it mellows and becomes deeper as alluring undertones take centre stage.

Check out this reviewer’s comments:

This is a beautiful edible toffee, cinnamon, vanilla, tonka scent. Ideal for winter and date nights. Although it is really sweet, it’s undoubtedly men’s fragrance. Girls love it, I only got good feedback on it.

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Moderate performance

Stronger With You Intensely performs similarly to others from the line. Accordingly, its projection and longevity are respectable.

In further detail, it projects moderately for the first 2 hours, before settling to a skin scent for another 5. Therefore, you’ll find it lasts up to 7 hours total.

Each spray gives you plenty of bang for buck, so don’t feel compelled to overapply.

Perfect for chilly weather

Stronger With You Intensely is the ideal elixir for cooler weather and affectionate occasions.

stronger with you intensely during date night at home
An extremely cozy creation

Specifically, it’s great for casual occasions when you’re hanging with friends and family. Its warm, cozy character has the power to put smiles on faces.

Furthermore, I also rate this one for date night. That same character will draw your companion in closer, building their curiosity. In fact, the irresistible energy of Stronger With You Intensely feels similar to D&G The One.

In Conclusion – Stronger With You Intensely

stronger with you intensely

There are only a handful of sweet fragrances on the market that I enjoy. Stronger With You Intensely happens to be one of them.

Despite the prominent toffee accord, it never feels too heavy. It harmoniously blends sweet and spicy facets, before a relaxed rich essence takes over.  

Get your heavenly sweet scent bubble going with this enticing potion.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Stronger With You Intensely?

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