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My Review of Terre d’Hermes Eau Givree: How Does It Smell?

Terre D’Hermes Eau Givree is the most impressive release by Hermes to date. It’s a bold claim, but that’s my view. Eau Givree was released in 2022 to rave reviews, with compliments about its refreshing, glacial energy. Contained within a frosted glass bottle, this icy interpretation of the original Terre d’Hermes bridges the gap between freshness and depth. Hang around for a few minutes while I describe why it’s so special.

First off, what does Terre D’Hermes Eau Givree smell like?

Eau Givree contains accords of citron, juniper berries, timur (a form of pepper), woody notes, and mineral notes.

Initially, the citron bursts forth, a lively and invigorating citrus note. Imagine slicing into a sun-ripened lemon – the juice sprays and zest fills the air. Furthermore, the bright and crisp energy smells smooth and never screechy. Too often citruses smell sharp in men’s fragrances, Club de Nuit Intense Man being a prominent example.

Alongside the citron, I encounter the incisive briskness of juniper berry. It introduces a green, aromatic facet that imbues complexity to the opening zest.

Brisk juniper berries

When traversing the heart, I smell a striking, piquant sensation. Almost like an icy breeze cutting through the air. It’s courtesy of Timur, a relative of the much more recognised Sichuan pepper. This spicy peppercorn smells similar to zest and grapefruit. And in this case, as if frost had settled upon the earth, and was reawakened with new vibrancy.

Given eau givree literally translates to ‘frosty water’, this inclusion makes complete sense.

When the scent dries down we start to peer beneath the lively, frosty surface. There, we get a look at the woody and mineral facets that lie below.

The woods evoke a mature and rugged sensation, whilst the mineral accords are reminiscent of cool stones and earthy richness.

Let’s get some opinions from other reviewers:

The dry rindy citron and lemon are satisfyingly icy and crystaline and perfectly accentuated by salty timur pepper and sweet aromatic juniper, this frosty salty citrus succesfully rides a slightly toned down Terre base for the life of the wear, the whole thing polished and smoothed with touches of the H24 musks. It’s a simple proposition, but it just works instantly and satisfies immensely, highly recommended.


This is exactly what a flanker should be. An interesting twist on the original DNA that stands up as its own fragrance. The opening is bitter citrus which softens quite quickly to reveal the original DNA but with the subtly added note of juniper. It really does give the fragrance a gin and tonic vibe.


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I wish it had better performance!

I desperately hoped the projection and longevity would match the awesome smell. Unfortunately, my skin had other ideas.

Specifically, it projects moderately off my skin for 2 hours, before lasting for 4 more after that.

In fairness, fresher fragrances rarely possess potent performance. However there are rare exceptions, like Nishane Hacivat

Wear Eau Givree in warmer weather

Seasonally, Eau Givree is perfect for warmer weather such as summer and spring. Its bright, tart lemon opening and fresh, cool vibe make it an appealing choice when the sun sizzles. The citrusy notes provide a sense of vitality that acts as a refreshing tonic.

Eau Givree is a clever casual choice

I consider Eau Givree a capable daytime option. Whether you’re hanging with friends, running errands, or even going on a daytime date, this juice will keep you feeling invigorated.

Additionally, it can be dressed up a little. While not overly formal, it does pair well with smart-casual or business-casual for the office. Go with Roja Elysium if you need a citrusy black tie option.

In Summary – Terre d’Hermes Eau Givree

terre d'hermes eau givree

Terre d’Hermes Eau Givree is my favourite release from this brand so far.

It’s a cleaner and more modern interpretation of past releases. The citruses are clean, but they’re also tart and addictive. Especially when paired with the frosty minerals, spicy pepper, and woody undertones.

If you can look beyond lacklustre performance there’s lots you’re going to love here.

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Eau Givree is my favourite Hermes cologne yet. What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments.

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