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Valentino Born In Roma review: VERY Underrated

Valentino Born in Roma is a fragrance for men launched in 2019. This woody mineral aroma has surprisingly received little hype since release. Given how enjoyable it smells, it’s now one of the most underrated colognes available. Consequently, I decided to buy a bottle before its popularity explodes. Let me explain why I ended up pulling the trigger.

Born In Roma smells aromatic, woody, and mineral-like

Born In Roma contains mineral notes, violet leaf, salt, ginger, vetiver, and woods.

The opening of this scent is a fascinating experience. That’s because of an unfamiliar yet likeable aura that I observe on first spray. I describe it as a salty, almost icily brisk aroma. Undoubtedly, this is projecting from the interaction of mineral notes and salt.

Sweet, airy violet leaf

Alongside this pairing is a violet leaf accord. Its inclusion reminds me of how violet is blended in Invictus Aqua. That is – a little green, sweet and airy. The sweetness cleverly balances against the salty, mineral element.

Next up arrives ginger:

  • The ginger provides a slight aromatic spiciness, enlivening the composition to zing off the skin. Additionally, it supports the violet leaf in contributing an addictive freshness to the blend.
Ginger provides fresh zing

As Born In Roma dries down, I start observing the vetiver and woody notes. Vetiver emanates a clean, bracing facet similar to the violet and ginger. Furthermore, the woods introduce a comforting backbone that feels both masculine and unobtrusive.

Valentino Born In Roma has what I consider coastal spirit. It’s what I imagine the seaside to smell like. A salty mineral scent sweetened by airy violet leaf. Subsequently freshened up by ginger and vetiver, then dispersed across understated woods. Bloody beautiful.

Gentle woods in the base

Valentino has clearly designed this for mainstream appeal; yet it doesn’t possess a conventional profile like its counterparts. Perhaps that’s why it hasn’t received the love I anticipated. Regardless, I’ve been impressed by the Valentino colognes I’ve reviewed and this composition continues that trend.

Check out what this reviewer had to say:

Despite poor reviews from the fragrance community; I’ve found this to be a great addition to my collection! It opens with a salty-sweet bubblegum and dries down to a mineral and woody-herbal base. Average performance at 5-6 hours with better than expected projection. I’ve received compliments from 10+ feet away with 6 sprays. Very nice compliment getter and easy to like!

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It performs moderately on skin

My testing has revealed similar results to the reviewer above. Valentino Born In Roma features modest projection and longevity.

In detail, it projects out from the skin for the first 2 hours, before lasting for 4 more. Therefore, expect up to 6 hours of total longevity out of this scent.

Although I get very minor whiffs after that time, it’s deceitful to include that in my assessment.

More than just a casual scent

Valentino Born In Roma has flexible application.  The cologne has a light hearted feel that can be adapted to several circumstances.

casual man who wears valentino born in roma
Perfect for casual situations

Spray it in casual situations, including easy-going dates and nights out. However there is a professional undertone here, thanks to gentle base woods. Therefore, you can extend its wear to relaxed office and formal environments.

Finally, this scent is suited to every season but winter.

In Conclusion – Valentino Born In Roma

valentino born in roma

Valentino Born In Roma is an uncommon yet pleasing modern fragrance for men.

Headlined by salt and mineral notes, Roma adventures through sweet violet and spicy fresh nuances before settling upon a comfy woody foundation.

You won’t find a bigger supporter of this scent than me. A scent which will receive more love as time goes on. Hop on the hype train with me before it leaves the station fellas.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Valentino Born In Roma?

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