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Replica By The Fireplace review: The Best from the Brand? [Answered]

Replica By the Fireplace is a woody fragrance release from designer brand Maison Margiela. By The Fireplace is part of the ‘Replica’ collection, with each scent replicating a specific life moment. As the weather gets cool, I’ve been wearing this fragrance because of its warming, comforting qualities. Therefore, I decided to give my thoughts on why this cologne is the brand’s best.

What does Replica By The Fireplace smell like?

By The Fireplace contains accords of cloves, pink pepper, chestnut, guaiac wood, vanilla, and balsamic notes.

On first spray you will discover exactly why this is called By The Fireplace. I promptly pick up an authentic smoky accord, which smells akin to smouldering wood burning in a fireplace. There isn’t any incense listed, which leads me to believe this aroma comes from cloves and pink pepper. They combine to provide a roasted, silky, warm spicy sensation.

This smells exactly like you’d expect

In the background I can smell a well-blended addition of vanilla. It isn’t prominent but it does add sweetness underneath the smokiness and warm spices.

As the scent starts to develop, the smokiness recedes. I can now identify two additional notes coming into play alongside vanilla. They are:

  • Chestnuts – providing some ‘nuttiness’, that smells a little bitter and dry; and
  • Guaiac wood – this is different from the smoky woods in the opening. The guaiac wood is more distinctive and brings a dark, balsamic edge to the fragrance
Chestnuts provide a dry nuttiness

Afterwards, separate balsamic notes come into play. They work harmoniously alongside the guaiac wood and contribute a thick, resinous type texture.

Overall, the scent opens smoky sweet, and dries down into a sweet, woody, and balsamic aroma. Although By The Fireplace isn’t linear, the changes over time aren’t major. You get the same type of vibe throughout, as the dry-down smells like a tempered version of the opening.

There is a vanilla undertone throughout the scent

Check this reviewer’s thoughts on By The Fireplace:

Starts off with a strong scent of woody and smokey intensity which braces you into the chestnut and vanilla that completes the scent. Overall it is very warm, and can even at times show some spice with the dry down, but truly has a vanilla and marshmallow undertone that pairs well with the smokey woody overtones.

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What’s the performance like?

After extensive testing I rate the performance of By The Fireplace as light.

This fragrance projects out from my skin for between 30 and 60 minutes. Afterward, it settles down into a skin scent, which I can continue to smell for another 6 hours.

Guys, this is not the scent for clubbing. It won’t get you compliments from several feet away, nor will it last all day. I’d recommend Azzaro Wanted by Night for that instead.

By The Fireplace is almost exclusively tailored to intimate settings. It’ll softly radiate out from your skin, interacting with those who are near you.

Who can wear this, and when?

As mentioned previously, By The Fireplace isn’t the most versatile scent I’ve reviewed. Due to its softness, you should look elsewhere if you’re after an office or clubbing scent.

However. Let me explain further.

This may be one of the most intimate, cozy, and warm scents on the market right now.

replica by the fireplace man resting

Someone close to you happens to smells this? They’ll feel compelled to get closer. It’s that simple.

This is a scent for men of all ages to wear during cooler months. Additionally, think about times when you cozy up with loved ones at special events like Christmas. Or unironically, huddled by the fireplace. This is a cologne for those types of occasions.

In summary – Replica By The Fireplace

replica by the fireplace

To conclude, Replica By The Fireplace is an authentic interpretation of what resting by the fireplace actually smells like. Maison Margiela has done a skilful job at capturing that experience in a bottle.

By The Fireplace is warm, smouldering, and comforting. The opening sweet smokiness is realistic, and once faded is replaced by a blend of sweetness, nuttiness, and balsamic woods.

Sound good?

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Replica By The Fireplace?

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