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Dior Fahrenheit Review: Be Careful (I’ll Explain)

Dior Fahrenheit is a men’s fragrance first released way back in 1988. It’s still going strong today, identified by its memorable gasoline smell that draws ample attention. However, this classic Dior cologne hasn’t captivated everyone. Further, there’s some specific things I must warn you about. Read on and I’ll explain.

Dior Fahrenheit smells like gasoline, florals, musk, and leather

Firstly, let’s scope the ingredients. Fahrenheit contains notes of violet leaf, cedar, nutmeg, lavender, citruses, vetiver, musk, and leather.

Fahrenheit opens with what I describe as a gasoline-like aroma. This comparison comes to mind for many when they smell Fahrenheit. The violet leaf and cedar accords are responsible, due to the interplay of their ozonic and woody qualities.

Violet leaf is part responsible for the gasoline aroma

A combination of nutmeg and lavender underpins the opening. They provide a calming, floral warmth behind the earlier gasoline duo.

Citruses are also initially traceable. However, they don’t present any sourness or acidic aspect. They exist purely to uplift the energy of the mixture.

As Fahrenheit dries down, the robust gasoline aroma decreases. Thereafter, two more changes occur:

  • A pairing of vetiver and musk emerge. They form into a soapy, green fusion that floats to the surface; and
  • Leather comes after, introducing an expensive, luxurious feel. However it never feels too dense, balanced with airy remnants of violet and the emergent green notes.
Leather in the dry down

In summary, Dior Fahrenheit smells like a luxury interpretation of gasoline, with several nuances providing depth and richness. As it dries, the gasoline subsides, where soapy green and leathery undertones arise. Additionally, it smells unapologetically masculine and intense, best suited to confident, brooding men.

Fahrenheit exists to be wholeheartedly embraced. Its distinctive, virile profile commands attention from all and sundry. Therefore, there’s no room for caution. Wear this one loud and proud.

Have a look at this reviewer’s comments:

My partner has gone through a few different fragrances, but I only wish to have him use this until the end of time. Fahrenheit exudes confidence, a powerful kick of testosterone. What amazes me is the fresh, green, airy opening that is reminiscent of freshly mown grass and perhaps a faint trace of bergamot. The violet leaf and petroleum accord work harmoniously together and whilst some hate the petrol note, the very thought of it makes my mouth water.


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Performance is STILL solid

Dior Fahrenheit’s projection and longevity in the 1980’s and 90’s used to be extraordinary.

Although that’s no longer the case, it still performs respectably.

Specifically, it projects from skin for the first 3 hours, before lasting for about 5 more. Therefore, expect up to 8 hours of total lasting power.

Careful WHERE you wear it

Tread cautiously with Fahrenheit.

Firstly, let’s start with the good news. It’s well suited to social outings and clubbing. Also, you can tempt fate if you’re down to make a date night impression. It’s ideally worn in cooler weather by guys in their mid 20’s and up.

man who wears dior fahrenheit
Dior Fahrenheit suits this man

Conversely, there are instances where it’s inappropriate to apply. Fahrenheit isn’t an office scent, nor is it proper for dignified formal occasions. It’s simply too risky for those environments.

In addition, this isn’t a juvenile scent by any means. Rugged, bad boy types who wear leather jackets will be most drawn to the dark energy this cologne evokes.

In Conclusion – Dior Fahrenheit

dior fahrenheit

Dior Fahrenheit endures as a worthy cologne option. Although its prominent petroleum aura will dissuade some, I urge you onward. You’ll discover an elixir that embraces sensuality and darkness, transcending the decades with a retro yet modern feel.

However, Fahrenheit will ultimately rage the fire only for certain types of men. Those who’re red-blooded and mysterious will most appreciate the power this timeless classic has to offer.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Dior Fahrenheit?

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