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Prada L’Homme: The ONLY Classy Cologne You Need? [Reviewed]

Prada L’Homme is a 2016 cologne release from the acclaimed designer house Prada. It’s a powdery & floral iris scent renowned for its elegance and professionalism. This could well be the only classy cologne you need in your wardrobe. Read on for my quick review of L’Homme and see if you agree!

How Does Prada L’Homme Smell?

The notes I can smell in Prada L’Homme include iris, neroli, pepper, cardamom, amber.

On first spray, the most immediate accord noticeable is the iris. It’s by far the most dominant note of Prada L’Homme – and this floral projects a sense of powdery cleanliness.

Iris is the most prominent note in Prada L’Homme

There are supposedly other florals in this scent – such as violet and germanium, but they are hardly noticeable. The iris is in full command!

Accompanying the iris is a supporting neroli note. It smells tangy and fresh, adding some crispness and balance to the floral element. It works in tandem with the iris to form a ‘soapy’ type of aroma.

There is also cardamom, and here it projects its trademark sense of ‘warmth’. It actually sort of reminds me of the comforting, soothing cardamom accord present in Azzaro The Most Wanted. There’s also some spicy undertones, and that’s likely coming from the black pepper note.

Cardamom provides a soothing warmth to Prada L’Homme

As the dry down hits, the influential iris note starts to quieten down and pull back a little.

The amber comes from the shadows, and it’s a wonderful addition. It adds some sweetness, richness, and another powdery dimension to the composition.

In summary, L’Homme is a clean, powdery, warm, and crisp floral scent, assisted by some spice in the background. The floral and spices then temper down as amber comes to the forefront and provides its own subtle additions.

This really is the quintessential office fragrance. It’s so safe, projects and lasts just as long as you need it, and I HIGHLY doubt this would offend literally anyone. Really the jack of all trades. Prada continues to impress me!

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L’Homme has capable performance

I’ve heard some people mention the performance of Prada L’Homme is not up to scratch.

I disagree. That hasn’t been my experience at all.

For a fresh fragrance, I’ve found the performance surprisingly robust. It projects out from my skin for the first 3 hours and lasts on skin for 8+ hours total.

If you’re in an office setting, don’t get trigger happy! A few sprays will do. Unlike Versace Pour Homme, I do not recommend you overapply Prada L’Homme.

Best worn in dressy scenarios

Prada L’Homme exudes a professional energy that makes it worthy to wear in office settings. This is especially the case if the dress code is on the sharper side – such as suit wear or even button-ups with chinos.

Best worn by suited and sharply-dressed men

Additionally, this fragrance will serve you well for day or night social events with a formal dress requirement. Basically, L’Homme is built for a well-dressed man.

If you’re looking for a seductive date scent though, there’s better options. Consider checking out Dior Sauvage Elixir or Kilian Black Phantom.

In Summary

prada l'homme

In conclusion, Prada L’Homme is so good that it could easily be the only classy scent you’ll need.

The soapy, professional spirit of Prada L’Homme epitomizes a man who has his sh*t together.

If you’re a stylish suit wearer who wants a cologne that represents that lifestyle? This one’s for you.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Prada L’Homme?

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