10 of the BEST Men’s Cologne Brands in 2024 [Listed]

In today’s article, we’re diving into the world of men’s cologne brands. There are thousands across the globe and very few release consistently great scents. I’m going over the top 10 you must explore if you’re after the best colognes on the market.

1. Tom Ford

tom ford men's cologne brands

Bold, confident, unique. Tom Ford colognes are expertly crafted to make you stand out from the crowd.

Tom Ford is best known as a designer and movie director who went off to create his own brand. Since then, the Tom Ford brand has exploded and has risen to one of the best designers globally.

Many Tom Ford scents are not for the faint-hearted. Several are modern creative masterpieces that will undoubtedly turn heads.

If you’re looking for an aroma that nobody else is wearing, this brand is for you.

I own a few Tom Ford fragrances and have tried dozens more. Two favourites in my collection right now are Tobacco Vanille and Ombre Leather.

2. Dior

dior men's cologne brands

Christian Dior is a French designer house that has built a huge global presence since their inception in the 1940’s.

Dior has come a long way since then and are now well-known for fragrances that epitomise luxury & class.

Check out Dior if you’re looking for sophisticated scents that’ll appeal to everyone around you. Dior Sauvage, Dior Homme Intense are two releases that you’ll hear thrown around often.

Dior is without a doubt one of my favourite designer cologne brands. The fragrances are priced fairly for what you’re getting. Therefore, I recommend you check out my Top 5 colognes from Dior.

3. Chanel

chanel men's cologne brands

Chanel has been around for a century and originally started as a women’s fashion designer. These days, Chanel has broadened its market to include gents too.

The Chanel mantra is built around timeless elegance. That sentiment has carried over to its range of men’s cologne, mature and contemporary in design.

Two of the best for men include Bleu de Chanel EDP and Bleu de Chanel Parfum.

If you’re in the mood to do some discovery Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme smells incredible too.

4. Parfums de Marly

pdm men's cologne brands

Parfums de Marly is a niche fragrance house that creates stunning fragrances for men and women.

They’re a relatively new house, entering the market in 2009. However it hasn’t taken them long to make an impact on the market.

The brand is respected for creating high-quality, complex scents with strong performance. Consequently, I’ve reviewed their most popular offering, Parfums de Marly Layton.

PDM is one of my favourite men’s cologne brands and I own several scents from their men’s line.

5. Versace

versace men's cologne brands

Versace makes its way into the #5 position.

Versace is a household name worldwide and is associated with high-class and opulence.

Whilst its recognised for men’s and women’s luxury goods, they also create marvellous scents for men. Surprisingly, many of them are very affordable too.

Personally, I own several Versace colognes which I have ranked here. Recently, I also reviewed Versace Eros Flame.

6. Amouage

amouage men's cologne brands

Amouage is a Middle Eastern niche fragrance brand that has been around for almost 40 years.

Originally established for Oman royalty, the brand crafted incense and oud scents with beast mode performance.

Today, Amouage fragrances feature worldwide and have many offerings that appeal to everyone.

Amouage Reflection Man and Amouage Beloved Man are two great releases you should check out.

7. Armani

armani men's cologne brands

Giorgio Armani is a fashion house whose origins started with designer menswear in the 1970s. Much like Tom Ford, Armani started his career with other brands before building his own.

Armani products are synonymous with sophisticated masculinity. Additionally, their colognes are fantastic and their Acqua di Gio line is a household name worldwide.

One of the best things about the label is the availability of their fragrances. Online, discounters, department stores, you name it. No more frustration hunting for a cologne you heard great things about!

Armani is another one of my favourites that has earnt its own Top 5 Armani colognes list.

8. Mont Blanc

mont blanc men's cologne brands

As far as men’s cologne brands go, Mont Blanc may be the most surprising inclusion on this list. Whilst it isn’t a household name, it is the oldest on this list, established in the early 1900s.

Mont Blanc are mostly known for their extravagant pens, watches and other luxury goods. However, one of their underrated specialties is men’s fragrances – which they started producing in the 2000s.

Their colognes are priced excellently, mass-appealing and always mature. Additionally they are readily found at discounters, making them a desirable choice for economic-minded men.

The most popular release from this house that has received high praise is Mont Blanc Explorer. Further, I also continue to recommend the ultra-affordable Mont Blanc Legend.

9. Prada

prada men's cologne brands

Like others on the list, Prada is a men’s cologne brand that may already be familiar to you.

The designer house has been around for a century and originally started trade by selling luxury leather goods. Today, they’ve branched out into other endeavours, including men’s fragrance.

Prada scents usually emanate a clean, fresh, and professional vibe. Their entire range never strays far from this mandate – meaning you always know exactly what you’re getting.

I really enjoy Prada Luna Rossa Carbon which takes a high spot in my Top 5 Prada cologne list.

10. Creed

creed men's cologne brands

For fragrance enthusiasts, this brand requires no introduction.

The Creed family have been in the mix for best niche fragrance brand for decades and distribute multiple scents that are household names.

Furthermore, various celebrities are big fans of the house, with Creed Green Irish Tweed amongst the most popular men’s fragrances in Hollywood.

Whilst also known for the cologne Creed Aventus, I’m a huge fan of the peppery mint composition Creed Viking too.

I want to hear from you! What are your favourite men’s cologne brands this year? Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments!

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