Byron Parfums The Chronic (Review): Liquid Cotton Candy?

Byron Parfums The Chronic is a unisex fragrance released in 2019. To be totally honest with you…I have a legitimate crush on powerful and sensual fragrances. The Chronic is one such example. However, don’t be fooled by the name. The untrained eye may believe this was Dr. Dre making his comeback almost 30 years after releasing his album ‘The Chronic’.

The term ‘chronic’ is often used as slang to refer to marijuana, and while there are fragrances out there that smell like that, Byron Parfums had a different idea in mind. What you’re about to meet is an exquisitely warm and delicious scent that’s a unique statement piece in my fragrance collection. Read further to learn more.

Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.

This isn’t your typical sugar baby. The Chronic comes across as a sweet (but not overly sweet), slightly spicy, slightly minty, cotton candy and vanilla scent. Firstly, the fragrance opens with notes of cinnamon and pepper.

Surprisingly, vanilla was not listed in the official notes but there is undoubtedly a vanilla accord that is obvious to my nose.

byron parfums the chronic has a characteristic cotton candy vibe
The Chronic has a cotton candy vibe

As the scent envelops you into its embrace, notes of amber, patchouli and leather create a characteristic warmth and sweetness, enough to make ones eyes roll into the back of their head.

amber in the mid
Warm amber in the mid

Moreover, don’t be surprised if you start noticing others from the opposite sex wandering into your personal space. It’s only natural. This is a confident, seductive scent and not for the faint of heart. For me, The Chronic joins the stellar lineup of sexy fragrances alongside Nishane Ani, Initio Side Effect and Argos Triumph of Bacchus, all of which share similar and likeable qualities.

an obvious vanilla accord

Lastly, the base of the fragrance consists of sandalwood and white musks which give it a creamy, clean and airy feel. Altogether, the creaminess of the sandalwood, the warmth of the amber and the sweetness of the vanilla create an indulgent perfection that communicates you know your s*** .

creamy sandalwood in the base
Creamy sandalwood in the base

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Perfect for a date night or intimate occasion.

The Chronic resembles the playful romantic. Its youthful ‘cotton-candy vibe’ blends intricately with the creamy, velvety vanilla, making it irresistably intoxicating. Accordingly, i’d reach for this fragrance in a heartbeat, with its versatile nature making it simple to dress up or down.

The Chronic is the perfect fragrance if you’re looking to make a strong first impression (eg. a date, drinks with friends or a night out on the town).

wearing byron parfums the chronic on a date
A fun and sexy fragrance for a date

Amplifies a warm and open personality.

If you have a warm and open personality, this fragrance is definitely for you. Naturally, it will only further enhance and accentuate your character, drawing others closer to you.

Come closer…

The Chronic has exceptional longevity and performance of 8-10 hours on skin and up to several days on clothing. It’s important to note that while The Chronic is no projection monster, a fragrance like this is not designed to be. Besides, i’ve come to learn that subtlety is the key to true elegance. It entices you to lean in, making it the perfect fragrance if the goal is intimacy.

In Conclusion – Byron Parfums The Chronic

a bottle of byron parfums the chronic
Byron Parfums The Chronic

Byron Parfums The Chronic is a warm and sweet, cotton-candy, vanilla fragrance.

If you’re looking to impress your crush, ditch the whole sentiment of ‘getting lucky’ – you don’t need it. Rather, it’s your confidence that’s by far your most valuable asset. Wearing a perfume like The Chronic demonstrates to others your attention to detail and that you take pride in your personal image.

Hence, in the case of your date…chances are you’ll be giving her a chronic case of the ‘i’m-obsessed-with-you-syndrome’. Thanks Dr. Dre.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments and on Instagram. What are your thoughts on Byron Parfums The Chronic?

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