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Cool Water Intense (Review): A Vibrant Tropical Release

Cool Water Intense is a cologne for men released in 2019. It’s a recent flanker in the line of iconic Cool Water fragrances by Davidoff. Interestingly, the brand took a different approach here, including a tropical, creamy sweetness that the original lacked. My expectations weren’t high, but after much testing, I’m definitely surprised. Read on for my full review.

Cool Water Intense smells refreshing, tropical, and ambery

Cool Water Intense features a compact scent profile. It contains mandarin, coconut, and amber.

The scent commences with a bright burst of mandarin. It smells juicy, green, and undeniably fresh. However, there’s sourness here too, like further tangy citruses that haven’t been listed.

Tangy, fresh mandarin

Accompanying the citrus is a coconut accord. It disperses a sweet and tropical essence, underpinned by a creamy texture. Additionally, it contains milky, vanilla facets that balance comfortably with the vibrant citrus.

Side note: Although there’s no identical notes, you’ll notice resemblances to Versace Eros. Specifically, it possesses a similar fruity, sweet, fun-loving energy.

As the scent develops, no more notes appear just yet. However, the two existing accords undergo some subtle changes:

  • The opening mandarin potency slackens, maturing into softened zest; and
  • The coconut mellows too, eliciting a smell reminiscent of tropical scented suntan lotion.
Creamy, tropical coconut

Afterwards, the citrus accord withdraws even further. An emergent amber note takes the front seat, coalescing with the creamy coconut. The amber drives the composition in a deeper direction, providing a warmth to the accords above.

Cool Water Intense is uncomplicated, with a synthetic streak throughout. Still, you shouldn’t let that flaw detract you. Many will find solace in the tropical, sweet simplicity this scent evokes.

Have a look at comments from this reviewer:

This fragrance actually does smell like the three listed notes. The mandarin is strong at the first spray, the coconut is not dominant but can be felt along the course of the duration of the perfume and the amber stays prominent till the dry down. Performance is stellar for longevity, but projection is quite normal. Sure it smells synthetic but at its price who really gives a flying fig?

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Unexpected longevity

Despite quiet projection, the longevity of Cool Water Intense is awesome.

In detail, it projects mildly from skin for the first 1.5 hours. Then it subsides closer, lasting for a further 5. Therefore, I usually get between 6-7 hours of total lasting power.

Not bad for a fragrance with 3 notes.

A signature summer scent

Davidoff has a reputation for warm weather tonics and this blend is no different.

man wearing cool water intense
The perfect occasion for Cool Water Intense

It’s a treat for casual daytime wear, like errand running or beach days. However, it’s also pleasant enough as a signature daily scent in hot climates.

Furthermore, that deep amber note also provides a seductive edge. Accordingly, I find it convenient for daylight romantic dates in Summer and Spring. Meanwhile, consider Acqua di Gio Profumo for the evenings.

In Conclusion – Cool Water Intense

cool water intense

In summary, Cool Water Intense pleasantly surprised me.

It’s a refreshing and sweet Caribbean-like elixir, thanks to the clever combo of mandarin and coconut. Additionally, the presence of amber intensifies the blend and adds plenty of allure in the dry down.

For your next affordable and charming summer staple, look no further.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Davidoff Cool Water Intense?

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