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AVOID Azzaro Chrome in 2024: Let Me Explain (Review)

Azzaro Chrome is a men’s fragrance first launched way back in 1996. Since release, Chrome has surged in popularity, thanks to its easygoing citrus aroma. However, not everyone believes this wardrobe staple is the force it once was – me included. I think it smells outdated and underwhelming, with stronger options available for men these days. Read on and I’ll explain.

Azzaro Chrome smells like sharp citruses, herbs, and musk

Azzaro Chrome contains the ingredients lemon, bergamot, rosemary, neroli, oakmoss, musk, and woods.

Firstly, the fragrance kicks off with a medley of citruses. The lemon and bergamot unite to exude a metallic, sharp, and fresh energy.

Bergamot is present in the opening

A combo of rosemary and neroli appear next. They mingle amongst the citruses, diffusing a crisply herbaceous and tangy component.

The development of Chrome is rather uncomplicated but you’ll notice one change:

  • Once the initial vibrancy fades, an oakmoss accord is uncovered. It lends a green earthy touch to the mixture, introducing some depth.
Oakmoss emerges in the mid phase

Once the scent dries, all prior notes fully disappear. Chrome transforms into a duo of unassuming musk and light woods. It smells effervescent yet dull and generic, a dry down phase bereft of any character.

In summary, Azzaro Chrome smells like a clean, astringent combination of citruses. Then it unveils bracing herbs and neroli, layered above a mossy undertone. Finally, those notes depart, leaving a pairing of mundane musk and woods in their place.

Although it doesn’t smell awful, it’s hardly inspiring. Chrome is an obsolete relic from decades past, overtaken by newer options like Versace Man Eau Fraiche.

Understandably, long-time fans will continue to enjoy the essence of Chrome. I won’t debate that. However, that’s the only demographic that should still consider spritzing this on. I made similar comments about the relevance of JPG Le Male.

This reviewer gave some critical feedback:

One of my first blind buys and I was very disappointed. It smells like you put your nose right on a stainless steel pipe with some lemon and lavender on it, so metallic! This scent is very synthetic and projection can be too much if you are not easy on the sprays.

Performance surprised me

I bring better news on the performance front.

Surprisingly, Azzaro Chrome performs quite well.

Specifically, I’ve discovered it projects moderately from skin for the first 2 hours, before softening closer for 4 more. Hence, you should expect 6 hours of total lasting power. Not bad for a budget friendly fragrance.

These results were totally unexpected, since citrus tonics typically fade fast.

Versatile in the daytime

Those that still enjoy Chrome will tell you it’s flexible for all daytime needs.

Chrome is great for daytime coffee catch ups

That includes casual situations, such as errand running, coffee catch ups, etc. Additionally, this citrus-based aura is appropriate for the office and just about any professional setting.

However, it isn’t seductive, and therefore ineffective for dates and romantic occasions. Azzaro The Most Wanted is better suited at igniting those sensual sparks.

In Conclusion – Azzaro Chrome

azzaro chrome

Azzaro Chrome dominated the men’s fragrance market for decades.

In the late 1990’s and 2000’s it was a refreshing powerhouse, seen as the perfect everyday elixir for the average joe.

Nevertheless, its shine has slowly faded since, with the aroma feeling more dated than ever before.

This year, only consider wearing Chrome if your sentimental bond to it is unbreakable. All other men should focus on modern alternatives.

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Azzaro Chrome?

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