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AVOID Moschino Toy Boy (2024 Updated Review)

Moschino Toy Boy is a men’s cologne that launched in 2019. Since release, it’s been hyped as the most divisive designer fragrance on the market. Toy Boy has drawn plenty of attention due to its aggressive, rose-forward composition. Although some may enjoy it, most won’t. Therefore, I recommend you avoid it at all costs. Hear me out for a few minutes and I’ll explain.

Moschino Toy Boy smells like strong rose and spices

Moschino Toy Boy contains notes of rose, pepper, pear, cashmere, vetiver, woods, and amber.

On first spray I’m immediately confronted with a loud floral rose note. More unisex than feminine, the rose smells both fresh and astringent. If you’re a rose critic, Toy Boy isn’t for you.

A loud rose note permeates throughout

As mentioned, its presence is anything but subtle. It permeates throughout the aroma, prevailing from beginning to end. A stark contrast to the fragrance Creed Viking, where rose is only a delicate inclusion.

Next up, supporting the rose is pink pepper. The pepper injects a warm, sharp spicy edge, sitting underneath the dominant floral.

Spicy pink pepper

Once the opening pairing fades (only) slightly, further notes reveal themselves:

  • A surprising appearance of pear, contributing a tinge of sweetness to the opening abrasive mixture;
  • Cashmeran, introducing a soft and supple powdery quality; and
  • A vetiver accord that infuses dry greenness amongst these newly emergent notes.

Amber and woods arise in the dry down as the composition mellows. Their role is to support the existing ingredients. The amber adds warmth and depth to the cashmeran; whilst masculine woods boost the vetiver associated dryness.

Dry woods in the base

Overall, Moschino Toy Boy opens as an obnoxious spicy rose scent. Then much needed deep, dry, and powdery nuances arrive after the opening duo softens. Despite the development, the risqué rose endures, which many will dislike.

This is a polarizing aroma suited to men who operate outside the box. You must be unafraid of bombastic floral fragrances that may be interpreted as feminine.

Although I applaud Moschino for their creative ambition, this unorthodox elixir exceeds even my generous limits.

See what this reviewer had to say:

This was very disappointing, lots of hype and definitely did not live up to it. On my skin, all I got was rose, pink pepper and more floral notes, 100% feminine and grandma scent. It was a spicy floral bomb. Again, that’s on my skin, it may project differently on someone else.

Incredibly strong performance

Despite its fragrant faults, I must give credit where it’s due. Its performance is massive.

Specifically, Toy Boy projects robustly from skin for the first 4 hours, before settling closer for another 6. Therefore, 10 hours of total staying power is around what to expect.

Very impressive for a designer scent in this price range.

I will caution you though. Don’t even think about over spraying. 3 sprays is all you need. Consider yourself warned.

Limited versatility

For those guys that can pull off Toy Boy, its versatility is limited.

Firstly, its flamboyancy is perfect for clubbing and nights out when your sole objective is to grab attention from those around you.

moschino toy boy clubbing
Toy Boy is attention grabbing – great for the club

That quality can be a double-edged sword, though. Its blustering energy rules it off limits for the office and other dignified special events. Try Dior Homme Intense instead.

Nevertheless, it’s fine to wear in ventilated casual situations. Just ensure you aren’t confined to tight, condensed spaces.

In Conclusion – Moschino Toy Boy

moschino toy boy

Moschino Toy Boy isn’t for the faint hearted. Focused on a pompous rose accord, Toy Boy’s progression reveals desperately needed balance and depth. However, not even these later nuances can redeem the odd energy this scent exudes. Therefore, this fragrance is impossible for me to recommend.

Although my distaste of the scent is evident, its performance is hard to resent.

Projection and longevity are beast mode, a commendable feat at this price point. It feels wasted though, given the limited circumstances you can wear it.

If you enjoy the most eccentric and raucous aromas money can buy? This one’s only for you.

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Moschino Toy Boy?

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