5 Dior Colognes You NEED To Try [Listed]

Dior is a popular designer house that creates iconic, mass-appealing colognes for men. There are many Dior scents on the market which can make it complicated to pick one to buy. Let me help simplify things. In today’s article, I’m ranking my top 5 Dior cologne releases, with my favourite coming in at #1. In my view, you should start with these first.

Honourable Mentions

  • Dior Sauvage Elixir – a recent creation from Dior which has received tons of accolades. Very different to the rest of the Sauvage line
  • Dior Homme Cologne – a refreshing summery scent, comparable to sparkling fizzy lemonade

5. Dior Eau Sauvage

The original. The classic. Dior Eau Sauvage is the first entry on this list.

Eau Sauvage is one of the most gentlemanly colognes available. That’s because it’s a dignified aromatic composition of basil, lemon, rosemary, jasmine, coriander, sandalwood, vetiver, oakmoss and musk. Talk about complex!

dior cologne eau sauvage

On the first spray, I smell the citruses, sandalwood, and vetiver. It’s a very classy and familiar masculine aroma. Once it dries, the spiciness of coriander, herbaceous basil and rosemary come into play. Additionally, the dry down of the fragrance gives off clean and sophisticated energy.

I recommend this fragrance to mature guys who take pride in their appearance. It’s phenomenal for formal events, although easily dressed down for casual situations too.

Dior Eau Sauvage is a best-seller for a reason. It’s been around for many years and will be around for many more. It’s going nowhere.

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4. Dior Fahrenheit

Dior’s leading bad boy fragrance, Dior Fahrenheit, makes its way into the next position.

Fahrenheit has an extensive, daring note profile. It contains notes of leather, cedar, violet leaf, nutmeg, orange, lavender, sandalwood, patchouli, amber and tonka.

dior cologne fahrenheit edt

When I first spray this one on skin, I pick up an intriguing and masculine combination of leather, violet leaf, citrus notes, and some woody attributes.

Many fragrance reviewers perceive the interplay of leather and violet leaf as a (surprisingly) satisfying gasoline-like aroma.

When it dries down, the leather, nutmeg and amber take centre stage. Furthermore, the leather note is always overt yet never callous – emanating a refined assertiveness.

Denim and leather jacket wearers, this one is for you. Much like Eau Sauvage, Dior Fahrenheit has been around for many years, and for good reason.

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Tom Ford Ombre Leather is another bad boy leather scent that you may be interested in.

3. Dior Sauvage EDT

Fresh, spicy, and seductive, Dior Sauvage EDT takes the third spot on my list of best Dior cologne for men.

Sauvage is well regarded for its uplifting yet deep and provocative aura. Notes that generate this feeling include bergamot, pepper, lavender, cedar and ambroxan.

dior cologne sauvage edt

When Sauvage is first sprayed, the bergamot, pepper, and ambroxan are what you’ll notice first. It’s citrusy and spicy, sure – but the ambroxan surrounds these accords in a thick, dense, irresistible sweetness.

The lavender and cedar emerge later, but they’re nothing more than supplementary pieces that add to Sauvage’s complexity.

This fragrance works best in summer, but that’s not to say it isn’t great during other seasons too. No matter the time of year, this will get you compliments – it’s famous for its compliment-getting ability.

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2. Dior Homme Intense

Dior Homme Intense takes the penultimate spot in my best Dior cologne for men list.

Homme Intense is a woody floral musk scent. It contains notes of iris, musk, cedar, vetiver, lavender, and pear.

dior cologne homme intense

When I first spray this on skin, I observe the interaction of iris, musk, and lavender accords.

Although make no mistake – the iris is the leading star here.

The opening feels poised between elegance and boldness. Although once it starts to dry, the composition develops maturity – the musk recedes and the woody cedar and vetiver arise.

The performance of Dior Homme Intense is commendable. It projects out from my body for several hours and lasts on skin for a few more. Therefore, a couple of sprays is all that’s needed.

This fragrance is perfect for the office, formal events and dressy casual gatherings. Specifically, I love to wear this during interviews and meetings. It projects confidence and fearlessness. Just what I need to bring my A game.

In my opinion, Dior Homme Intense aptly captures what the classy modern man is all about.

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1. Dior Sauvage EDP

My top choice, my undisputed #1 cologne is Dior Sauvage EDP.

Much like the original, Sauvage EDP is a fresh spicy scent. It contains notes of bergamot, pepper, vanilla, lavender, nutmeg, and ambroxan.

dior cologne sauvage edp

When I first spray this on, I immediately smell the citrus, pepper, nutmeg and enveloping ambroxan. When the scent dries down, two new ingredients appear into the fray – a sweet vanilla accord alongside a calming lavender note.

Sauvage EDP is a more balanced version of the original. In detail, the sharpness of the EDT is smoothed out and pacified by the warm spices. Sauvage EDP deftly manages to extend the strengths of the OG whilst minimising the deficiencies.

Furthermore, another impressive aspect of Sauvage EDP is the performance. This scent lasts all day and will project for many hours. Therefore, don’t you dare overspray. You’ve been warned.

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Sauvage EDP is also frequently compared to Prada Luna Rossa Carbon as it contains many similar spicy and fresh elements.

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on my list of best Dior cologne for men?

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