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Versace Oud Noir (Review): Perfect Starter Oud?

Versace Oud Noir is a fragrance for men released in 2013. Since release, Oud Noir has become known as a smooth, modern introduction to oud colognes. Therefore, it’s often recommended to oud beginners. In today’s review, I’ll put that sentiment to the test. Read on for my full thoughts.

Versace Oud Noir smells like spicy oud with sweet, resinous undertones

Versace Oud Noir contains oud, black pepper, orange, saffron, cardamom, patchouli, and frankincense.

Oud Noir opens with the marquee oud accord. Although listed as a base note, it pulses off skin immediately. It smells woody, embraced in an aura of rugged darkness. Nevertheless, it always feels relaxed and appealing.

oud accord
A charming oud accord

Side note: Versace Oud Noir draws instant parallels to Tom Ford Oud Wood. Both colognes craft oud in a way that feels stylish and considered for the Western market.

However, oud isn’t the sole player in the opening.

Black pepper softly braces it, providing a warm spicy undertone.

And additionally, orange works alongside that spice. It imbues a zesty brightness, bringing fresh balance to the darkened woods.

Further ingredients emerge once the scent develops:

  • Saffron, which smells like a husky sweetness, mingling amongst the citrus and spice;
  • Cardamom, that sustains the pepper with a soothing warmth.
Saffron infuses sweetness

The oud endures as the blend fully dries down. Frankincense and patchouli emerge soon after, deepening its presence. This new duo also ingrains resinous, earthy hues. They become more distinct over time as earlier ingredients slowly withdraw.

Interestingly, I smell similarities with the ambery, resinous element in Dolce & Gabbana The One.

In summary, Versace Oud Noir smells like a gentle oud scent, traversing several nuances through its development. They start with spices and tangy orange, before floating through sweetness and warmth. Finally, the oud rests upon a base pairing of resins and earthiness.

Check out this reviewer’s comments:

I absolutely love this one. Very masculine, spicy, orangy / oudy fragrance that smells very classy with high quality ingredients. This scent is often compared to Tom Ford Oud Wood but honestly I think this one is much better than the Tom Ford. This one is much more masculine and smells confidence. You spray this in the morning and you feel like a boss ready to achieve big goals. 10/10 for this fragrance.

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It performs mildly

Versace Oud Noir’s performance isn’t strong.

Specifically, I’ve discovered it projects mildly from skin for the first 2 hours, before simmering closer for another 3. Therefore, expect about 5 hours of total longevity.

However, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Quiet performance works in favour of oud newcomers who want to test the waters first.

Versatile for an oud scent

Versace colognes are renowned for high versatility. Although Oud Noir doesn’t hit those lofty heights, it’s still one of the most appealing ouds in circulation.

It’s best worn in cooler to moderate-leaning temperatures. In those conditions, apply with confidence for coffee catch ups, social outings with friends, and romantic dates.

This guy wears Versace Oud Noir

Despite its range, Versace Oud Noir is still an oud fragrance. Therefore, spritzing in summer heat must be avoided.

Lastly, the name and bottle design lead you to believe this an after-dark aroma. Although it has evening inclinations, I’ve often worn it during the daytime.

In Conclusion – Versace Oud Noir

versace oud noir

Versace Our Noir has neatly curated the exotic oud note into in a likeable, designer blend.

The oud smells contemporary and trendy, broadened by spices, zest, sweetness, and resinous undertones.

Although longevity leaves me wanting, the wider utility makes up for it.

If you’re exploring oud colognes, this affordable offering is a clever starting point.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Versace Oud Noir?

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