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Armaf Milestone (review) – an Affordable Creed Clone?

Armaf Milestone is one of the hottest new cologne releases of the past year. It’s a marine scent which is said to replicate the expensive niche fragrance Creed Millesime Imperial. Let’s find out just how good of a scent Milestone is!

Cologne Notes

The main accords I pick out of this cologne include sea notes, melon, red berries, bergamot, violet, sandalwood, and musk.

How Does Armaf Milestone Smell?

When sprayed on skin, I can smell a wonderful combination of sea notes, melon/red berries, and beragmot.


The sea notes provide an oceanic sea-saltiness that transports me to the beach. In addition, there’s subtle fruity sweetness from the melon and berries. Fun fact – melon isn’t officially listed as a note in Milestone. However, you could be forgiven for thinking it smells interchangeable to the berries!

Salty oceanic notes

Finally, the bergamot provides a citrusy kick that gives the opening real energy and zings off the skin.

Violet and musk replace the bergamot as the opening starts to fade. In detail, the musk combines with the sea-saltiness to provide an appealing metallic-like characteristic to the fragrance.

The violet is an excellent way to round off the scent profile, providing an airy and powdery quality. Additionally, I think the violet is a masterful addition to Milestone.

Once dried on skin, the musk comes into play even more alongside emerging sandalwood. The sandalwood provides a layer of depth as a soft yet mature backbone to the cologne.


In a nutshell, Milestone is a sea-salty aromatic scent with sweet fruity and woody nuances. Significantly, it isn’t a straight clone of Creed Millesime Imperial, but it does get many of its elements right.

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Longevity and Projection

For an aquatic scent profile, the performance on Armaf Milestone is pretty good! Admittedly my expectations were not high at this price point. However, Armaf definitely exceeded them. I get 1-2 hours of projection from my skin, and the scent lingers on my skin for 6-8 hours total.

Occasions and Versatility

Milestone works excellently in warmer weather. Moreover, I think this is one of the best summer colognes under $100. You can dress it up or dress it down as you please.

However, I think there are better options at this price for cold weather, such as Uomo fragrances or Armani Code Absolu.

Have a look at this reviewer’s comments on Milestone:

It’s a very nice fragrance, I get the watermelon salty notes every body talking about that makes it a unique fresh scent (not like all those citrusy aquatic ones). It last is 5-6hrs on my skin with a very mild projection.

Armaf Milestone Is A Legit Summer Cologne

armaf milestone

Updated: Armaf Milestone is one of the best budget summer colognes on the market. It has a mass-appealing scent profile, coupled with decent performance, in a statement-making bottle. Not bad if you ask me.

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Also check out: Acqua di Gio Profondo is an excellent aquatic sea-salty alternative!

I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments! What are your thoughts on Armaf Milestone?

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