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Xerjoff 40 Knots Review: Very Unique (in the BEST way)

Xerjoff 40 Knots is a men’s cologne that arrived on the market in 2012. Since release, 40 Knots has steadily grown in popularity due to its unique interpretation of woody and marine accords. Naturally, as a cologne die-hard I became curious, and boy did it blow me away. Stick around and I’ll explain why.

Xerjoff 40 Knots smells like salty marine notes and powdered woods

Xerjoff 40 Knots contains sea notes, salt, woods, green notes, and amber.

40 Knots opens with an energetic burst of sea essence. Although it smells clean and marine, this isn’t as fresh as one would expect. Instead, it’s infused with a distinct varnish-like smell, providing an instant aura of uniqueness.

Marine notes

Side note: The varnish accord smells like newly lacquered wood on a sailing boat. A very specific description that you must smell to experience.

Salt notes are scattered amongst the oceanic tones. The salt evokes the smell of brisk air blowing over the open ocean. Furthermore, it lingers for the duration of the scent.

Salty notes

After the initial sea-salty vigor subsides, you’ll notice changes:

  • Woods manifest and weave amongst the marine energy. However, the woodiness doesn’t smell like its typical rugged, earthy self. It’s exotic and dry, evoking a dark powdery texture; and
  • Green notes emerge, supplying a nondescript, aromatic botanical element. However, this accord only dances around the edges – it plays a supporting role only.

I detect amber once 40 Knots fully dries on skin. Although not officially listed as a note, it does play a role. It saturates the salty, green powdered woods with a dense creamy characteristic. Moreover, some compare its inclusion to Roja Enigma, despite the amber feeling warmer and resinous in that boozy creation.

In summary, Xerjoff 40 Knots smells rich and dense, coupled with lasting brightness. Its laid-back energy is skilfully balanced with opulence and luxury. Also, I liken it to a carefree millionaire, sailing the sparkling seas on a lavish yacht.

xerjoff 40 knots yacht
Oceanic, luxury yacht vibes

This reviewer made some accurate comments:

Blind bought this one 5 days ago. And it quickly became one of my absolute favourites. Do not get fooled by the notes and by the people that say it’s an aquatic/marine scent. This one is powdery (yes powdery), sweet and green at the same time with a slight salty/marine opening.


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Performance is top-tier

Unquestionably, Xerjoff has cranked the performance up with 40 Knots.

Specifically, it projects strongly from skin for the first 5 hours. Then, it settles and sits closer for another 7. Therefore, you can expect 12 hours of total lasting power.

Honestly, I shouldn’t have worried. Its impressive longevity is like other Xerjoff fragrances, including Naxos

More versatile than I expected

Typically, unique scents struggle with versatility, becoming pigeonholed to specific circumstances. 40 Knots rewrites that stereotype.

Firstly, stylish men in their 20’s and above will get the most from this cologne. If you’re one of those, consider wearing this casually, particularly when your appearance requires extra attention. For example, social drinks with friends.

man who wears xerjoff 40 knots
Wear this to social gatherings or special occasions

However, its uncommon aroma also gives scope for special events and functions, when making an impression is your goal.

Lastly, the marine notes shouldn’t discourage you from wearing this away from Summer. The salty, oceanic aspect does not paint an accurate picture of seasonal versatility. This is a year-round elixir, wearable in any weather conditions except the most extreme.

In Conclusion – Xerjoff 40 Knots

xerjoff 40 knots

Xerjoff 40 Knots is an intriguing take on the usual aquatic, woody colognes.

Sure, it features a raft of familiar notes. However, they’re masterfully expressed in a way that’s anything but common. The marine notes are spirited and the woods are powdered – with both layered above an unorthodox amber base.

This is a must try for sophisticated men.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Xerjoff 40 Knots?

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