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Blessed Baraka review: an Alluring SEDUCTIVE Cologne

Blessed Baraka is an intoxicating fragrance from the niche house, Initio. This scent was released in 2015 and is an amber-based fragrance for men and women. I recently purchased a bottle of this cologne and I can say without a doubt, it is full-bottle worthy!

Cologne Notes

This alluring fragrance opens with a blast of a fruity, apple-like accord that is sweet and delicious. This is in addition to notes of saffron, cardamom and white florals. The mid develops into notes of vanilla, tonka bean and oud and which are then rounded by a base of musk, sandalwood and amber.

The official notes of Blessed Baraka only stipulate notes of musk, sandalwood and amber however, there are definitely additional notes that an experienced fragrance connoisseur would be able to pick up.

The scent boasts itself as a sweet, deep, dark and seductive fragrance. The collection of opulent notes are so well-blended to produce a mammoth of a perfume. 

Occasions and Versatility

Whether you are male or female, if you want to command the room, Blessed Baraka is the the choice for you.

It is a bold statement of a scent and will no doubt turn heads. For me, Blessed Baraka leans more masculine would be something more appropriate as an evening scent during cooler months.

Blessed Baraka is an absolute showstopper. The scent to me is the embodiment of masculinity in a bottle – mysterious and highly intoxicating.

John Ibrahim

Longevity and Projection

It’s unquestionably a beast mode fragrance. The projection is mind-blowing as well as the fact it has ridiculous longevity of 12+ hours.

To put this in perspective, I sprayed it on a testing strip and could still smell it days later. I would recommend 3-5 sprays of this cologne for optimal performance.

Blessed Baraka Is A Sexy Scent

blessed baraka

Updated: Initio Blessed Baraka is a great bet for a fragrance that will give you top quality for the price you pay. To smell this fragrance is an experience to the senses that you absolutely must try.

If you are a confident man or woman that enjoys bold, sexy, gourmand scents, this is for you. Blessed Baraka is available in a 90ml bottle.

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