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Amouage Interlude Man (Review): The Blue Beast

Amouage Interlude Man is a cologne for men launched in 2012. Since release, Interlude has become affectionally nicknamed The Blue Beast due to its mighty, unapologetic aroma. Although I first smelled Interlude many years ago, it wasn’t until now that I decided to review it fully. Read on for my detailed thoughts.

Amouage Interlude Man smells like strong incense and deep, resinous notes

Amouage Interlude Man contains incense, pepper, oregano, opoponax, amber, oud, and leather.

Interlude opens with an explosion of incense. It smells potent and smoky, providing an immediate ashen-like texture.

Seated just behind is a blend of pepper and oregano. The pepper bolsters the incense with a punchy warmth, whilst oregano infuses a herbaceous hint.

Side note: The opening of Interlude Man is robust and polarizing. The early intensity can be startling, but give it a chance to dry before forming a final view.

Once the initial power settles, Interlude soon takes a smouldering turn:

  • Resinous opoponax continues the smoky role of incense, albeit with a balsamic facet that oozes quality
  • Amber complements that fragrant African resin with density and a sensual, sweet undertone

Finally, the smoky potency pulls further back, as an underlying oud accord drifts through. The oud introduces a dark woodiness, mingling with the resinous pairing.

oud accord

Leather quietly appears behind the blend. It’s barely noticeable, but does have a luxurious, supple feel to it.

In summary, Interlude Man smells like an eruption of incense, braced by punchy spice and herbs. Then the smokiness simmers, with deeply resinous and woody elements rising to the fore.

Interlude is powerful and full-bodied, a dense explosion of exotic ingredients. Despite its vigour, it manages to maintain a mature and worldly character throughout. Assured men are the ones most capable of taming this scent – similar comments I made about Mancera Red Tobacco.

This is a very ambery spicy smoky fragrance that is 100% unique, also it is very well blended and sophisticated. If you are tired of the same old designer scents and boring niche scents then I invite you to smell this one.

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Performance is utterly incredible

There’s no debate about the performance of Interlude Man. The consensus view is that this juice is astonishing.

Specifically, Interlude projects from skin robustly for 8 hours, before drying closer for another 12. Therefore, it features a whopping 20 hours of lasting power.

My warning to you – do not overspray.

Made for special evening occasions

Interlude Man has limited range. However, in some select scenarios it works magnificently.

Wear Interlude during the evening, at special or formal events. It features a unique, daring spirit that’ll draw the attention of others.

man who wears amouage interlude man
The type of stylish, brooding man who wears Interlude

Additionally, this also works for date night, as long as you’re already acquainted with your companion.

Lastly, don’t consider wearing this outside of cooler temperatures. Amouage Reflection Man is more appropriate for moderate or warmer climates.

In Conclusion – Amouage Interlude Man

amouage interlude man

Amouge Interlude Man was always destined for confident men.

Its potent smoky opening is an undeniable presence. However once it dries, the blend of dense, dark undertones reveals a rich complexity that many can admire.

The Blue Beast is out there waiting for you.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Amouage Interlude Man?

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