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Pacific Rock Moss (Review): A Refreshing Vibrant Cologne

Pacific Rock Moss is a cologne for men by Australian fragrance house Goldfield & Banks. Released in 2016, this marquee scent catapulted the brand onto the international fragrance market. That’s due to its refreshing and vibrant energy that just about any man can pull off. Today, I’ll be taking a closer look at Pacific Rock Moss and what makes it so enjoyable.

Pacific Rock Moss smells like vibrant lemon, aromatics, and cedarwood

Pacific Rock Moss contains several ingredients, including lemon, sage, geranium, moss and cedarwood.

Firstly, it begins with a bright expression of lemon.  It smells juicy and tart, with a distinct salty marine-like aspect. Sometimes lemon can possess an off-putting sharpness, like in Club de Nuit Intense Man. Fortunately that isn’t the case here, since it smells quite smooth and well-behaved.

A smooth, bright expression of lemon

Sage softly emerges next. It supports the citrus with a bracing essence that exudes a subtle, herbal feel.

As the scent develops you’ll notice some things change:

  • A portion of the early citrus freshness peels back. It’s replaced with an aromatic essence, led by geranium and moss.
  • The heady-floral geranium infuses the blend with delicately spicy and sweet properties. Also, the moss provides lush, green character that never feels too earthy – and sets the scene for the incoming dry down.
Cedarwood is noticeable in the base

The cedarwood comes out to play during the full dry down. It envelops the aroma in a dry, gentle case of woods, while the brisk aromatic elements continue to filter through.

In summary, Pacific Rock Moss smells like vibrant and fresh citruses. Then it becomes more complex, with green, sweet, and floral hues entering the mix. Finally, the aroma relaxes upon a mature, peaceful backbone of cedarwood.

Check out this reviewer’s comments:

Oh, this is beautiful. I had a sample I gave to my husband, as it is more his kind of scent. And I looove it on him. It’s a warm, juicy citrus nicely balanced with sweet, salty and herbal notes. Summery and fresh but well rounded and grounded with the earthy oak moss and cedar in the base.

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Performance isn’t great

Pacific Rock Moss features quiet performance. Specifically, it projects lightly from skin for the first hour, before pulling closer for another 4. Therefore, you can expect 5 hours of total lasting power.

Though in fairness, its longevity and projection are alike with other scents of this type. For example, Dior Homme Cologne performs similarly on my skin. Accordingly, I recommend them both to men who are looking for glistening yet humble aromas.

Perfect for light-hearted occasions

This fragrance is positive and casual, a smart choice for the moderate and warmer climates.

During those periods, wear it to social gatherings, coffee catch ups, outdoor activities, and on holiday getaways. It’s comparable to Creed Virgin Island Water, a tonic well-suited to laid-back relaxing situations.

Pacific Rock Moss is casual, fresh, and bright

Lastly, it does lean youthful, although I believe any man can wear this in the right circumstance.

In Conclusion – Pacific Rock Moss

pacific rock moss

In summary, I’ve spent tons of time wearing this and I see why Goldfield & Banks has achieved so much success with it.

Pacific Rock Moss smells natural and inoffensive, headlined by smooth lemony crispness early on. Then it turns more aromatic and herbaceous, before finally grounded by a serene bed of cedarwood.

Radiating cheerful, refreshing energy, consider this your next scented mood enhancer.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Pacific Rock Moss?

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