Spicebomb Infrared review: Is it Worth Buying This Year? [Answered]

Spicebomb Infrared is a men’s fragrance by Viktor & Rolf. It’s an addition to the popular Spicebomb line of fragrances, well-known for their ‘grenade style’ bottles. I love this line of scents and knew I had to smell this release ASAP. In today’s article, I’m going to share my thoughts now I’ve tested Infrared and why I think it’s worth buying this year.

What does Spicebomb Infrared smell like?

Spicebomb Infrared contains notes of red fruits, pepper, saffron, cinnamon, chilli pepper, tobacco, and benzoin.

The red fruits are the first accords noticed when sprayed on skin. They smell exact like you’d expect – a little sweet, and a little fruity. However, they never become too strong in either department.

Red fruits are prominent in the opening

Secondly, the pepper plays a supporting role to the opening red fruits. If you hadn’t told me the opening spiciness was pepper, I’d never have guessed. It isn’t sharp or pungent, as pepper can sometimes appear. In Infrared, it’s soft and enveloping, surrounding the fruits in a warm embrace.

Additionally, a saffron note is delicately sprinkled amongst the opening combination, contributing a dark floral touch in the background. However, it’s only subtle, so floral haters – nothing to fear here!

As Spicebomb Infrared develops into the mid notes, I notice one primary change:

  • The emergence of a cinnamon and chilli pepper blend. This is an interesting pairing that adds their own brand of spice to the mixture. They’re never overbearing, are blended proportionately, and exhibit their characteristics in a balanced way. I’ve gotta say, I’m really digging the usage of these two notes here
Cinnamon develops in the mid

As the composition begins drying down, the fruits and spices marginally withdraw. This allows space for tobacco and benzoin to come forth and shine. This masculine and sweetly resinous duo add a deep, seductive aura in the base.

Overall, Spicebomb Infrared opens spicy with sweet, fruity, and floral nuances. Then, it becomes darker and mysterious in the dry down. Infrared stays true to the DNA of the OG Spicebomb, yet features an intriguing flourish of red fruitiness and chilli.

Tobacco in the base

Although Spicebomb Extreme endures as my favourite Spicebomb fragrance, damn fellas – Infrared’s now a close second.

See what this reviewer said:

Just got this and sprayed it on and if you’re a fan of the Spicebomb line, you should love this one. It doesn’t stray too far from the original but I think what it does with the DNA is awesome. It brings in a more spicy cinnamon, chili pepper, tobacco fusion that’s actually pretty unique and is blended really well. The bottle is badass too.


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Rating the Projection and Longevity

After testing, I score the performance of Spicebomb Infrared as moderate.

Infrared projects out modestly from skin for the first 2 hours, then settles closer for 6 hours afterward. Therefore, you’re looking at about 8 hours of total longevity here.

Although projection and longevity are a step down from Extreme, I’m fine with that.

When should you wear it?

Comparable to other Spicebomb colognes, Infrared possesses respectable versatility.

It’s great for dates, and fitting for casual situations too. Anytime you’re out and about and want to project a spicy-sweet scent trail? This one’s a no brainer.

man who wears spicebomb infrared
This guy would wear Spicebomb Infrared

Surprisingly, you’re not restricted to wearing this in cooler weather. It’s deceptively flexible, wearable in moderate (and even warm) climates.

However, does the weather in your neck of the woods becomes unbearably hot? I’d recommend you reach for a specialist summer scent – like Club de Nuit Intense Man or Dior Homme Cologne.

Spicebomb Infrared is Worth Buying

spicebomb infrared

Spicebomb Infrared is certainly worth picking up this year.

Infrared brings unfamiliar character to the Spicebomb DNA, yet remains loyal to its origins. The warm, spicy, and fruity combination is well received and unexpectedly versatile.

Coupled with respectable performance, this release is a worthy addition to the stable of Viktor & Rolf colognes.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Spicebomb Infrared?

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