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Spicebomb Infrared EDP (Review): The 3 Key Questions

Spicebomb Infrared EDP was released onto the market in 2023. This warm spicy men’s cologne is a successor to Spicebomb Infrared by Viktor & Rolf. I liked that scent and was intrigued by the direction they’d take with this new one. I’ve spent tons of time testing it over the last few weeks and now formed my final opinion. Here’s the 3 key questions (and answers) you need to know.

What does Spicebomb Infrared EDP smell like?

Firstly let’s go over the notes. Spicebomb Infrared EDP contains cinnamon, chili pepper, pink pepper, leather, resins, and woods.

At the outset cinnamon is the most noticeable accord. It sets the scene with a warm and spicy energy. However, it never becomes overwhelming – which is often a criticism of other colognes like Azzaro Wanted By Night.

Warm spicy cinnamon

Soon after you’ll detect further spiciness. This time, from chili and pink pepper. The chili adds a heated (not warm, but hot) essence behind the cinnamon. Also, pink pepper supports with sweet ‘rosy’ spiciness.

Despite those 3 notes, this isn’t as sharp and explosive as you’d expect. The ingredients are blended in a smooth and confident way that typifies the Spicebomb range. Impressively, Viktor & Rolf always seem to nail the balance.

Next, the cologne starts to journey through darker tones:

  • Leather adds texture and evokes a feeling of luxury and masculinity; and
  • Resins deepen the composition with a sweet, mysterious aroma.
Luxurious leather

Finally comes the dry down phase. Now, much of the initial peppery spiciness has reduced. Woods emerge, giving off a dry, cedar-like smell. They mingle with softened cinnamon. Also, the leather and resinous amber are there too.

In summary, Spicebomb Infrared EDP smells like a spicy, smooth cinnamon fragrance with unique smouldering red chili. Afterwards, the cinnamon settles alongside polished notes of leather, amber, and masculine woods.

This cologne is 70% similar to Spicebomb Infrared EDT. Specifically, the EDP replaces the prior tobacco with leather. Additionally, there’s more cinnamon and no red fruits. Thus, this release is drier and less sweet.

Overall, the two Infrareds do share the same DNA, they’re just approached in different ways.

Which one reigns supreme? Well, neither. Truthfully, it’s down to personal taste.

This reviewer prefers the EDP:

Wow what an absolute step up in terms of composition and quality. This Infrared EDP has an almost niche-like quality to it, the leather facet blended so incredibly well into the profile while cutting down the sweet-fruitiness of the EDT. It’s more refined, rich, with more character too, this leather note is freaking addictive.


And this reviewer prefers the EDT:

I have to say that I love this flanker, but I don’t love it as much as the EDT. You get hit right off the bat with chili pepper & that cinnamon coming in. Going into the mid, the leather starts to shine. You get lots of resins and amber as thing dries down. It’s so well-blended like all of the Spicebombs.


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Is the longevity and projection good?

Performance is right around the same as its predecessor. So yeah, it’s pretty solid!

Infrared EDP possesses 8 hours of total lasting power. Furthermore, it projects moderately from skin for the first 3 of those.

If you’re after nuclear strength, Spicebomb Extreme is still the best of the bunch.

When should you wear it?

There’s two situations where Infrared EDP works flawlessly.

Date night and social evenings are your greatest bet. The vibe of these occasions get the most out of this mature and sensual elixir.

man who wears spicebomb infrared edp
Date night with Spicebomb Infrared EDP

Seasonally, wear it during winter and autumn (fall). When summer and warmer temperatures arrive the original Spicebomb EDT is more fitting.

In Summary – Spicebomb Infrared EDP

spicebomb infrared edp

Spicebomb Infrared EDP isn’t your ordinary Spicebomb scent. Perhaps even the most sophisticated aroma from Viktor & Rolf to date.

It’s a drier take on past releases. This one is also more mature, focusing on refinement over sweetness.

However, it still incorporates that iconic spiciness the range has become famous for.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Spicebomb Infrared EDP?

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