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Mont Blanc Legend review: Still Great in 2024?

Mont Blanc Legend is an aromatic fougere cologne for men released in 2011. It’s often described as a lively, pleasant aroma with fresh character. Since release, Legend has endured as a legit cologne option, and I continue to recommend it to men across the globe. In today’s article, I’ll quickly cover three reasons why I endorse it and who should consider wearing it!

Mont Blanc Legend smells fresh and classy

Mont Blanc Legend projects fresh and classy vibes thanks to its dignified compilation of ingredients. In detail, Legend contains accords of lavender, pineapple, bergamot, red apple, oakmoss, rose, tonka bean, and sandalwood.

On first spray, the pineapple and bergamot notes appear at the forefront. Although indistinguishable from each other, they’re definitely combining to exude a bright, slightly sour quality.

Alongside this duo arises the lavender note. Those who are familiar with lavender know it can come across as delicately sweet and musky – which is the case here, too.

Furthermore, lavender is one of the few notes that’s consistent from beginning to end, reminding me of Parfums de Marly Percival. A fragrance that’s 5 times the price of Legend. Not bad.

The transition of Legend doesn’t bring with it sizable developments. However, I do notice a few minor changes occur after the opening: 

  • The pineapple and bergamot pull back, succeeded by a red apple note. Although, the apple doesn’t smell much different to the accords it replaced; and
  • Oakmoss and rose slowly emerge. These two add a sprinkling of depth that isn’t present in the opening. Specifically, the oakmoss contributes a mossy woody nuance that blends well with the lavender. Also, the rose adds a touch of airiness, but it’s quite indistinct.

Moving to the final dry down stage brings with it tonka bean and sandalwood. The emanation of these accords evokes a softly sweet, creamy character.

In summary, I consider Mont Blanc Legend to be a refreshing lavender and fruity scent. Although several notes interchange throughout its advancement, the overall formation is consistent and linear. This scent is for guys that aren’t looking for something bold or charismatic – rather, to simply smell crisp and refined.

This reviewer summarised it nicely:

This smells really nice. I can’t say anything negative about the way it smells. It’s a perfect everyday dumb reach sort of fragrance. It’s nice and fresh, with a sour pineapple and very slight musk. A little basic, but gets the job done.

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Legend has soft projection – yet great longevity

I consider the overall performance of Mont Blanc Legend as low to moderate.

In my experience, Legend projects out lightly from the skin for the first hour, before settling closer to the skin for 6 hours more. Therefore, this lasts about 7 hours total on me.

Although the longevity is respectable, the projection isn’t worth writing home about. Guys who are after a light cologne that doesn’t invade the space of others will appreciate this most.

Office friendly and totally inoffensive

I’ve worn this to the office and in casual situations before with great success. It’s clean and inoffensive, a prototypical ‘easy reach’ cologne that smells good with zero fuss.

mont blanc legend casual man
Legend is great for casual and office situations alike

Although you can wear this year-round in those two scenarios, it’ll work best for you in the warmer months. For cooler times? I recommend Valentino Uomo Intense and Tom Ford Beau de Jour instead.

Mont Blanc Legend – worth checking out

mont blanc legend

Mont Blanc has created an unobtrusive scent profile that smells modern and fresh. With main threads of lavender and fruits, Legend has a high likeability factor that’ll offend precisely nobody.

Don’t want to overcomplicate the fragrance process? Mont Blanc Legend is the one for you.

Oh…and did I mention it’s pretty affordable?

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Mont Blanc Legend?

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