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Armaf Sillage: A Worthy Creed Clone? [Reviewed]

Armaf Sillage was released in 2020 and is known as one of the best clones of Creed’s Silver Mountain Water (SMW). Sillage is a citrusy musk aroma which has rapidly risen in popularity alongside other recent Armaf releases. In today’s review I’m going to quickly explain why Sillage is a worthy contender to Creed SMW – and why it’s worth trying this year!

How Does Armaf Sillage Smell?

The primary notes I can smell in Armaf Sillage include black currant, bergamot, lemon, lime, rose, musk, ambroxan, woods.

On first spray and sniff, I notice the opening is unexpectedly powerful! I can immediately smell the combination of citruses – the bergamot, lemon, and lime. No surprises here that they smell energetic, zesty, and lively.

Accompanying the citruses are a satisfying black currant note. Those of you familiar with black currant will recognise the tarty, fruity qualities it provides here.

Combination of citrus notes in the opening

As Sillage begins to develop through the mid notes, I can smell a combination of florals in the background. There’s undoubtedly a rose note, but it’s subtle. There are other florals here too, but they’re too feint to distinguish. The floral accords are a smart addition to Sillage and provide added complexity beyond typical ‘citrus musk’ type scents.

Once Sillage dries on skin, it really starts to shine. The citruses peel back, replaced by a combination of musk, ambroxan, and woods. These 3 notes aromatize in a way that I can only describe as slightly sweet, musky, creaminess. The dry down is almost as refreshing as the opening and has increased elegance.

Armaf Sillage also has a pronounced metallic accord present throughout the life of the scent. I enjoy its inclusion, as it doesn’t smell scratchy or abrasive at all (like metallic notes tend to). It incorporates an extra dimension to the composition without being too ‘in your face’.

A unique metallic undertone

Overall, I summarise Sillage as possessing a citrus heavy opening, drying down into a woody floral musk. Much like Armaf Club de Nuit Intense Man, Armaf Sillage opens powerfully. But if you’re patient and let it settle, it does its best work in the dry down.

Beautiful. I want it to be my spring/summer fragrance 2022. Clean, masculine, alluring, and soft. There is nothing pungent or scratchy. Great and creamy. The performance is very good, and I got the 2021 batch. Unusual, not a typical freshie. Veeerryyy happy I got it 🙂

Furthermore, this is a very close rendition of Creed SMW. The average person won’t be able to tell the difference. You could even claim you’re wearing SMW and nobody would question you. The only real difference is the presence of a tea note in SMW, which Sillage doesn’t have.

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How’s the performance on skin?

The performance of Armaf Sillage is frankly awesome. From my testing, Sillage projects out 2 feet from the skin for the first 2-3 hours. After that, it starts to settle and lasts for up to 9 hours in total. It just lasts all day and is unquestionably a stronger fragrance than Creed SMW.

It’s very versatile

I have further good news. There are few limitations with when or where you can wear Sillage. Whether you’re a young guy or older gent, the versatility of this scent gives you a lot of freedom to choose.

One example of a guy who could wear Armaf Sillage

However if you put a gun to my head and forced me to choose? I’d tell you to wear this during the daytime, especially during summer and spring. This scent profile is suitable for everything but the most formal of occasions. Try something like Prada L’Homme or Dunhill Icon as better options.

In Summary

armaf sillage

To conclude, Armaf Sillage is a very worthy competitor of Creed SMW. The scent profiles of these two colognes have many similarities which will smell nearly identical to the average joe.

However, Sillage has superior performance and is priced at 20% of the cost of SMW. Even if you have money to burn, I’d encourage you to try Armaf Sillage first!

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Armaf Sillage?

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