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Armani Code Profumo (Review): I’m FIRED UP

Armani Code Profumo is a cologne for men released in 2016. It’s a citrusy, spicy, and amber-based scent that’s been both popular and highly rated since launch. Incredibly, Armani have made the dizzying decision to discontinue this modern gem. That’s totally pissed me off given how great it smells. Read on and I’ll explain exactly why I love it.

Armani Code Profumo smells like mandarin, spices, and powdery amber

Armani Code Profumo contains mandarin, cardamom, apple, nutmeg, lavender, tonka, amber, and leather.

Profumo opens with mandarin brightness, providing an initial burst of orangey freshness.

Mandarin in the opening

However, it’s balanced cleverly by cardamom. This spice keeps the citrus honest, restraining it with composed warmth. Additionally, it sets the alluring nature of Profumo at the outset.

Green apple dances just behind the opening duo. It features a crisp and fruity essence, providing a tinge of sweetness. Also, you’ll find Armani Code Absolu contains a similar opening note.

Balanced, warm cardamom

Afterwards, three changes occur in the heart phase:

  • Nutmeg – bolsters the cardamom with a nutty warmth;
  • Lavender – infuses a cool, airy aromatic edge, counteracting the spices to ensure they never become domineering; and
  • The citrus and fruity elements withdraw, making way for the intense facets that follow next.

And the dry down starts with amber, diffusing a balsamic, powdery texture into the blend.

Then, leather and tonka coalesce. They contribute to the deep sensuality with velvety and creamy-sweet undertones. Additionally, some people draw comparisons to Paco Rabanne 1 Million. Although frankly, they measure up like distant cousins at best.

In summary, Armani Code Profumo smells orangey fresh, tempered by warm spiciness. Then aromatic nuances emerge, before developing richer and more flirtatious once it dries.

Check out this reviewer’s comments:

Armani Code Profumo makes me confident and happy. Its sweetness is present for a whole day and that appeases me. It begins by smelling like a fruity sweetness that slowly transforms itself into a powdery-sweet effect, framed by an intensive balsamic setting, strongly spiced and almost animalic.

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Respectable performance

Firstly, I report no issues with performance. Profumo excels with projection and longevity.

Specifically, it projects moderately from skin for 3 hours initially. After that, it lingers closer for another 5. Hence, my testing indicates 8 hours of total lasting power.

A revelation in cold weather

Profumo is at the peak of its powers when the weather turns chilly.

During Winter and Autumn it’s perfect for dates, cocktail events, or social drinks with friends – especially after-dark. Its suave and flirty spirit makes Profumo a standout choice when you’re out to make an impression.

man who wears armani code profumo
Profumo is perfect for cocktail events

However, it isn’t the wisest choice for the warmer months. When the weather heats up, Armani Code Parfum is a more appropriate option.

In Conclusion – Armani Code Profumo

I love Armani Code Profumo and its discontinuation is an utter travesty.

It features a balanced fruity, spicy opening before becoming sexier and more seductive as time passes. Profumo stays true to the Armani Code DNA whilst also rebelling with its own captivating character.

Despite its impending departure, hope’s not all lost. Search around and you still might be able to secure a bottle.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Armani Code Profumo?

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