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Bvlgari Tygar is NOT Worth the Price (Reviewed)

Bvlgari Tygar is a cologne for men released in 2016. It’s part of Bvlgari’s Le Gemme high perfumery collection, well regarded for its luxe, sensory elixirs. I’ve read many positive reviews of Tygar so I bowed to pressure and tested it extensively. Thus, I’ve concluded that Tygar isn’t worthy of its astronomical price tag, but there’s still heaps to love about this fresh modern tonic. Hang around for my full thoughts.

Bvlgari Tygar smells like sparkling grapefruit and smooth woods

Bvlgari Tygar contains a compact scent profile. Official ingredients include grapefruit, ambroxan, and woods.

Firstly, the scent opens with that burst of grapefruit. It has a fizzy texture that smells citrusy and refreshing, lacking any sharp bitterness.

Additionally, I characterize this opening accord like grapefruit lemonade. It possesses an authentic sparkling quality with a sensible amount of sweetness.

Sparkling, fizzy grapefruit

Side note: The prominent grapefruit accord draws instant parallels with Bleu de Chanel EDP. Although overall, these two aren’t much alike – distant cousins if anything.

Ambroxan emerges slightly afterwards. It boosts the bright grapefruit whilst also infusing further sweetness, plus warmth.

As Tygar develops, the duo becomes more aromatic and spirited once the ambroxan gains momentum. Additionally, some subtle metallic hues emerge in the background. Although not officially listed, you’d be excused for suspecting the presence of spicy ginger here too.

Hints of ginger present

Finally, the dry down starts to hit. Out come the woods, which provide a creamy, smooth texture. They also smell extraordinarily luxurious, reminding me of Xerjoff 40 Knots.

In summary, Bvlgari Tygar smells like an effervescent grapefruit scent, boosted by ambery, sweet ambroxan. Then, the sparkling citrus recedes and woody tendencies arise, radiating rich masculine energy.

Despite the limited notes, Tygar’s masterful blend confirms it as extra satisfying and one of the most superior citrus blends available today. Nevertheless, it smells familiar and straightforward, lacking the oompth and x factor you expect for such a steep cost.

Check out the comments from this reviewer:

Grapefruit-ambroxan bomb. Classic fresh citrus-ginger opening melds with a big dose of sweet woody and watery ambroxan. All the harsh edges have been smoothed out, so it’s bright and fresh but not overly sour.

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Performance is surprisingly excellent

Citrus-forward fragrances are renowned for subpar performance. That couldn’t be further from the truth with Tygar.

Specifically, Tygar projects moderately from skin for the first 4 hours, before pulling closer for 5 more. Therefore, 9 hours of total lasting power is typical. Unusually, Tygar actually gains strength as time goes on.

When you’re paying big bucks for a scent you’re hoping it’ll last. Thus, brands like Creed face regular criticism for weak performance of their high-priced fragrances. Fortunately, there’s no such issue here.

Versatile and then some

Tygar’s versatility is right up there with the most flexible colognes available, like Creed Aventus.

Therefore, there’s not many limitations here. However, I do prefer it for office wear, social events, and special occasions.

man who wears bvlgari tygar
The type of stylish man who wears Tygar

Although it can be donned casually, you’ll feel guilty doing so. Its underlying classy character is equivalent to wearing a suit to a pool party.

Seasonally, Tygar should be sported in all weather conditions except the very coldest.

In Conclusion – Bvlgari Tygar

bvlgari tygar

To conclude, Bvlgari Tygar is one of the finest fresh colognes money can buy.

Its delicious grapefruit note is totally refreshing, aided by ambroxan that garnishes depth. Then come the masculine and sophisticated creamy woods to round things out.

Should you pay full price for this? I don’t encourage it.

Does it still smell amazing? You bet.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Bvlgari Tygar?

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