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5 Parfums de Marly Colognes You MUST Try (Listed)

Parfums de Marly colognes are some of the most luxurious on the globe. This niche perfume house rose to stardom in 2009, enthralling fragrance lovers worldwide with their lavish scents. Newbies often themselves bewildered so I’ve put together a list of 5 colognes you must try. Although not necessarily the 5 best smelling, they will give you full understanding of the diversity on offer.


parfums de marly layton

Let’s start with Layton, the most popular and famous Parfums de Marly cologne.

Layton brings the best aspects of the house into one magical, luscious mixture.

It opens with a burst of apple, warm lavender, and spirited citruses. Then, delicious vanilla and soothing cardamom intertwine. Once the dry down hits, creamy woods make their presence felt.

Despite the wide assortment of ingredients, Layton always maintains a polished feel that coalesces effortlessly. It’s a captivating aura that enchants others into your scent bubble with little fuss. Therefore, it won’t surprise you to learn the compliment factor is basically off the charts.

Have a look at this reviewer’s comments:

Simply put, this is an addictive spiced vanilla. It smells absolutely fantastic. Compliment god. Every time you pass by your fragrance collection, you’ll pull the cap, smell the atomizer, and whisper: “Damn.”

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Percival is the brand’s first attempt at breaking into the freshie market. Accordingly, it’s the most mainstream scent on offer, reminiscent of modern designer fragrances.

Percival kicks off with bright mandarin and sophisticated lavender, before delicate florals enter the frame. Then ambroxan and musk emerge, deepening and refining the tonic.

Although some compare this to sensible, ‘blue’ designer alternatives, don’t be fooled. This stylish freshie is an undisputable upgrade on those options. It oozes quality and class, whilst wielding superior longevity to its competitors.

Check out these comments:

This smells like MB Legend on steroids. Performance is great, and dry down is to die for. It definitely has that clean, shower gel vibe, but in the best way imaginable. Extremely versatile, don’t regret blind buying at all

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parfums de marly colognes carlisle

There was zero doubt Carlisle would make this list. It’s my favourite cologne from Parfums de Marly thus far.

Carlisle opens with a sweet green apple note, blended amongst warm, muscular nutmeg. Afterwards, it transitions through nutty tonka bean and a jammy rose note. Finally, it rests upon an addictive base of vanilla and earthy patchouli.

The aroma of Carlisle is comparable to a dense, dark apple pie. It’s cozy and comforting, yet provocative and daring enough to draw the attention of others. 

Some say Carlisle collates the best from Layton and Herod into one, sleek bottle. Others, that it draws uncanny comparisons to the red beast Mancera Red Tobacco. Irrespective of those views, Carlisle stands as the most mystifying and exquisite release from Parfums de Marly to date.

This reviewer sums it up perfectly:

I’ve heard people raving about this for a while now so had my expectations way out of this world. Blind bought this bad boy and DAAAAAAMN! The rumours are true…this thing blew me away. Dark, mysterious, seductive, heck I may even rock this in the dead of summer, it just smells that good!

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Greenley is the newest release here and the gleaming green bottle gives clues about the scent within.

It smells like an effervescent green aroma, headlined by a duet of crisp green apple and citruses. Then it becomes woodier and creamier, with cedar and cashmeran notes meandering through. To end, it becomes muskier, with the fizzy green fruitiness and woody elements enduring throughout.

Greenley is the ultimate dumb reach. It smells radiant and positive, and frequently considered the most casual Parfums de Marly cologne. The down to earth, unfussy essence makes it easy to love and hard to hate. Accordingly, it can be worn year-round in a variety of situations and climates.

This reviewer enjoys it too:

Probably my most casual and go-to office scent. I’ve used it in both cold and warm weather, day and night…so versatility is great. With the scent, I get a mature fruity opening (slightly candied) from the apple note. Dries down to a nice amber.

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parfums de marly colognes kalan

The red, fiery disrupter Kalan rounds out this Parfums de Marly colognes list.

Kalan is far from the most popular scent from the house. In fact, it may even be the most condemned yet. However, it will turn heads due to its unique and polarising spicy profile.

Kalan begins with a distinctive use of sizzling pepper. The spice is paired with blood orange which infuses some tangy citric freshness. As it develops, it takes on aromatic character thanks to the appearance of floral lavender. At last, woody facets take over, paired with earthy, verdant moss.

Although not as distinguished as its 4 companions, Parfums de Marly dared to dream with this bold and gutsy creation. The result is a scorching, earthy elixir adored by those who own it.

I resonate with the thoughts from this reviewer:

A true outsider of the PDMs portfolio…but in a good way. It has a definitely unique spicy madness in the beginning but shortly evolve into a classy woody scent with lavender, tonka bean and with a touch of blood orange which is perfectly balanced the mixture.

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In Conclusion – Parfums de Marly colognes

You must try these 5 Parfums de Marly colognes if you want to get a complete sense of what the brand has to offer.

Here I’ve recommended some acclaimed fragrances, freshies, and even a release that courted plenty of controversy.

This list will change over time as the house evolves and its catalogue expands. Nevertheless, as of right now, these are the ones you must get your nose on.

I want to hear from you. Let me know in the comments below your thoughts about this list of Parfums de Marly colognes?

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