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Versace Pour Homme: A FOOL PROOF Cologne Choice? [Reviewed]

Versace Pour Homme is a popular cologne from the house of Versace. It’s been out for over a decade and is as beloved as ever. Why is that? To answer that, I had to buy a bottle for myself. I’ve worn this on many occasions and I now see why it gets so much praise. Stick around and I’ll tell you all you need to know about this fool proof fragrance.

Versace Pour Homme smells pleasant and inoffensive

I classify Versace Pour Homme as a citrusy-aromatic scent with pleasant, inoffensive sensibilities. It contains notes of bergamot, neroli, hyacinth, cedar, tonka, and musk.

When first sprayed on skin, I can smell an invigorating blast of citrus, mostly coming from the bergamot. Accompanying it is neroli, which adds a clean and soapy dimension.

Energetic bergamot in the opening

Also cutting through is a slightly metallic, floral element. This is coming from the hyacinth – admittedly not a note I’ve smelled much of in men’s fragrance!

The hyacinth works admirably here though. It adds a subtle and uncommon characteristic to distinguish Pour Homme from your typical citrus aromatic freshies.

Additionally, I smell a faint amount of cedar wood in the background. The wood adds a pinch of masculine detail, but it’s so mild it’s almost not worth mentioning.

As Versace Pour Homme dries down, the citruses diminish. Replacing them are tonka bean and musk. They combine to make Pour Homme smell sweet, creamy, and airy.

Sweet tonka bean emerges in the dry down

Oversall, Pour Homme opens as a tangy citrus and floral scent – drying down to a sweet, musky composition. It’s important to note the dry down is still fresh – it just emerges as a mellowed down version of the opening.

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It reminds me to some extent of the Chanel Allure Home Sport range – of which I’ve reviewed the Eau Extreme version.

Performance is good – NOT great

Pour Homme lasts on my skin for about 5 hours, and projects out from my skin for the first 2 of those. Different weather conditions don’t seem to have much of an impact on longevity or projection either.

Don’t be shy about over spraying this if you want to increase the performance – its innocuous scent profile gives you that latitude if you wish.

Versatility is outstanding. Yeah, I said it.

Moving on to the strongest attribute of Versace Pour Homme – its excellent versatility.

It truly can be worn any time of year – from summer to winter, day to night.

However, I personally find this best suited to casual summer situations – from running errands to coastal catchups with friends. Furthermore, this is one of my go-to gym scents year-round. It runs parallel to the types of situations I’d wear Versace Man Eau Fraiche, too.

Casual and chill beach vibes – perfect situation for Versace Pour Homme

Go and try Versace Pour Homme now!

versace pour homme

In conclusion, I’m a believer that every man must try Versace Pour Homme.

Not because it’ll blow people away with an audacious and powerful scent profile. That’s not what this cologne is about.

And not because the performance is amazing. No, that’s not what this fragrance is about either.

But rather because it’s fool proof. It’s refreshing and enjoyable – it won’t offend anyone. Additionally, its flexibility will give you confidence to get job done no matter what situation life throws at you.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on my review of Versace Pour Homme?

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