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Shaghaf Oud Azraq shocked me – I HAD to buy it (Review)

Shaghaf Oud Azraq rocked my world the first time I tried it. Released by Swiss Arabian in 2022, I got a sample from a friend who’s an expert in Middle Eastern perfumes. I had my doubts, because oud has rarely worked well off my basic white boy skin. However, when I tried the sample I was blown away by the majestic honey oud combo. Now the sample is long gone and – I own a full bottle. Why? Let me explain.

How does Shaghaf Oud Azraq smell?

Let’s first examine the notes. Shaghaf Oud Azraq contains honey, oud, cinnamon, bourbon vanilla, patchouli, and leather.

The fragrance opens with a vibrant burst of honey. Immediately, it envelops the wearer in a warm, sweet embrace. The honey smells radiant and positive, almost akin to the dazzling sweet texture in Mancera Instant Crush.

Delicious golden honey in the opening

This opening surprised me. I was not expecting such a lustrous initial phase from a fragrance with ‘Oud’ in the title. Even after reviewing colognes for years I continue to be surprised.

Afterwards, the scent starts living up to the name. Now, the oud becomes noticeable and sets a woody presence that struts confidently alongside the honey.

Additionally, hues of cinnamon and bourbon vanilla drift through the honey oud composition. They provide an extra sweet, spicy, and gourmand feel.

Finally, darker notes of leather and patchouli reveal themselves in the dry down. The leather has a soft and smooth smell whilst the patchouli brings a grounded earthiness. Also, I find they resonate seamlessly amongst the remnants of the gourmand sweet oud.

Many people have remarked that Shaghaf Oud Azraq smells similar to two other fragrances. Firstly, Montale Honey Aoud:

Anyone that says this doesn’t smell like Honey Aoud is in denial. This is a very blatant clone, and to be completely honest, this might be more enjoyable due to it being smoother and a bit less in your face than the Montale version. This is a fantastic release.

Additionally, Parfums de Marly Oajan. I own Oajan and can confirm there are similarities – but it’s not a clone by a long shot. Check the comments from this reviewer:

Now this is what sweet dreams are made of. The first 5 minutes after spraying is basically all the notes combining to create the masterpiece. After that it’s basically like Herod and Oajan had a baby. Such a highly addictive scent. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who loves gourmand scents.

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Solid performance for the price

The projection and longevity are great and as good as it gets at this price.

It projects moderately from skin for the first 2 hours. However, I pick up rich whiffs in the air for 5 hours after that. Furthermore, the scent trail on this is delectable and will permeate off your skin for 7 hours in total.

A versatile oud aroma

Before I smelled this, I stupidly pigeonholed it as an aroma with limited versatility. All because of the name. How moronic I was.

Shaghaf Oud Azraq carries surprising versatility, shining brightest where its rich, full-bodied and sweet character can be fully appreciated. Here’s what I recommend:

  • Evening events: With its warm and deep notes, Shaghaf Oud Azraq is perfect for evening gatherings, dinners, or a night out at an upscale venue. Its compelling profile complements the ambiance of decadence and intimacy.
  • Special occasions: Whether it’s a wedding, anniversary, or a significant celebration, this fragrance adds a touch of grandeur and is sure to leave a memorable impression.
man who wears shaghaf oud azraq
Shaghaf Oud Azraq also works a treat on cooler days

  • Cooler and moderate temperatures: The warmth of honey, vanilla, and spices makes it particularly suitable for autumn and winter, where the fragrance can envelop you like a luxurious cloak.

Shaghaf Oud Azraq blew me away

shaghaf oud azraq

This juice had me by the balls from first sniff. Honestly, I couldn’t quite believe an affordable Middle Eastern oud cologne could smell so delightful. Not to mention the comparisons it draws to high end Montale and Parfums de Marly scents.

The powerful honey oud concoction is addictive, especially when fortified with spicier, deeper nuances as the scent dries down.

I was expecting a disappointing, one-dimensional designer oud fragrance. Shaghaf Oud Azraq erased my fears and launched my expectations for Swiss Arabian into the stratosphere.

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Shaghaf Oud Azraq is my first foray into this brand. What else should I try? Let me know below.

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