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Valentino Yellow Dream (Review): Fruity Gingerbread!

Valentino Yellow Dream is a cologne for men released in 2021. It’s a new flanker in the line of Born In Roma colognes, with an intriguing design focussed on yellow ingredients. I recently got my nose on Yellow Dream and it surprised me how satisfying it was. Read on for the next few minutes and I’ll share my full thoughts.

Valentino Yellow Dream smells like fruity sweet gingerbread

Valentino Yellow Dream contains several notes, including pineapple, mandarin, ginger, spices, gingerbread, vanilla, and cedar.

Firstly, it opens with a duo of pineapple and mandarin. The pineapple smells fruity and sweet, whilst the mandarin produces a tangy aroma.

Fruity pineapple

Ginger is also present early on. It introduces the first traces of spiciness, infusing some pop and zing to the aforementioned citruses.

As the aroma develops, it becomes a slightly deeper and more gourmand once more notes appear:

  • Spices continue the role of ginger, generating some nondescript soft zip; and
  • A surprising (but very welcome) gingerbread accord emerges. It complements the spicy hues, evoking a warm, zesty biscuit-like essence.
Cozy gingerbread

Once the dry down hits, the opening citruses withdraw. Vanilla and cedar notes arise, coalescing into a mellow trio with the gingerbread. Overall, they smell sweet and woody, with a feint spicy layer noticeable underneath.

In summary, Valentino Yellow Dream smells like lively spiced pineapple that evolves into unique gingerbread layered above sweet woodiness. It’s an inviting aroma that smells welcoming and warm. However, it easily balances this with bright freshness from the citruses.

Many draw comparisons between this and the scent DNA of Armani Stronger With You colognes. There’s similarities with the sweet gourmand elements for sure, but Yellow Dream hits different with its vibrant pineapple and smooth spices.

I agree with comments from this reviewer:

This beautiful fragrance opens with a blast of pineapple, goes into a gingerbread heart, and then settles down to a nice vanilla base. It’s very sweet and warm but can literally be worn in any season day or night.

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Performance is reasonable

Valentino Yellow Dream has moderate performance.

It projects softly for the first 3 hours, before sitting closer to skin for a further 3. Thus, it ends up lasting around 6 hours in total.

Although not included in the score, I sometimes find it lingering even longer in warmer weather. Hence, temperature has some effect on its lasting power.

Spray in casual situations

Valentino Yellow Dream is an outstanding casual fragrance.

Wear it while catching up with friends, running errands, or even on a laid-back coffee date. It’s peppy enough for warmer weather, whilst simultaneously comforting for cooler conditions too.

man who wears valentino yellow dream
Suited to casual situations

However, if you’re after a formal scent, you’re better served with the classy iris-based Valentino Uomo Intense.

In Conclusion – Valentino Yellow Dream

valentino yellow dream

Valentino Yellow Dream is another top-notch release from this famous designer brand.

The yellow descriptor fully aligns with the nature of the juice within. Pineapple and ginger enliven a sweet and spry fruitiness early, before gingerbread leads a transition into more gourmand, cozy territory.

Strongly consider this underrated casual cologne as your next purchase.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Valentino Yellow Dream?

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