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Hermes H24 Review: 3 Important Things to Know

Hermes H24 is a cologne for men first released in 2021. Since launch, it’s been credited as a light-hearted, fresh fragrance with a unique scent profile. However, not everyone is gushing about its quirky nature. I’ve sampled H24 for myself and examined a wide range of purchaser reviews. Here’s 3 important things to know before you try it.

Hermes H24 smells clean, aromatic, and herbal

Let’s start with the ingredients. Hermes H24 contains sage, narcissus, tropical notes, rosewood, and metallic notes.

H24 opens with an aromatic burst of clary sage. The sage smells bracingly crisp, projecting a noticeable herbal aroma.

Side note: YSL Y EDP is another designer fragrance you’ll enjoy that features a prominent sage note.

Brisk sage in the opening

The floral note narcissus pulsates alongside the sage. Narcissus is a rare note in men’s perfumery and a welcome inclusion here. It smells bright and rich, with enough tartness to tickle the senses.

The opening also reveals an abstract tropical smell. It’ll remind you of bananas, adding fruitiness in the background. Banana isn’t officially included, but try it out and you’ll see what I mean.

A faint banana-like note

Once H24 dries down, two final notes appear:

  • A soft projection of rosewood. The rosewood smells sweet and woody, a delicate counterbalance to the earlier trio of accords; and
  • Lastly, a metallic note. It smells cool and clean, almost comparable to a fresh load of laundry. Prada Luna Rossa Carbon features a similar vibe.

In summary, Hermes H24 smells like lively herbs and heady flowers, underpinned by an enigmatic fruitiness. Then, the profile develops with quiet sweet woods and a silvery mineral note taking over. H24 is positive and unique, an uncommon blend of accords separating it from most on the market.

Some feel that H24 is slightly too exotic for their taste. Others, that it’s a praiseworthy change from all the mundane options available for men.

This reviewer had some thoughtful comments:

Definitely one of the more interesting fragrances out there. It really captures the “metallic notes” concept, while standing in a field of yellow flowers, mixed with somewhat of a “freshie meets barbershop” feel. A mysterious and intriguing chameleon of a fragrance that the right person could pull off if it works with their skin chemistry.

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The performance surprised me

H24’s performance is surprisingly decent. For a fresh scent it thoroughly exceeded my expectations.

Specifically, H24 projects moderately for the first 2 hours. Then it subsides, sitting closer to skin for another 7. Therefore, you can expect 9 hours of total longevity.

Like I said, I’m impressed. It’ll last throughout the working day so there’s no need to re-apply.

Office and event friendly

H24 is ideal for the office, special events, and anytime your inner professional calls. That’s because it smells entirely inoffensive, cleverly balanced with mystifying character.

man who wears hermes h24
H24 suits the modern professional

Furthermore, that same character empowers H24 as signature scent worthy.

Seasonally, it’s not just for summer either. H24 can be worn year-round, since the floral and woody elements transcend climates.

In Conclusion – Hermes H24

hermes h24

I commend Hermes for trying something different with H24.

Although it smells crisp and clean at its core, make no mistake. This is a peculiar cologne, thanks to an ingenious blend of several abstract accords. Nevertheless, it still manages to feel effortlessly likeable and safe.

H24 is right up your alley if you’re in the market for a curious, mood-lightening tonic.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments. What are your thoughts on Hermes H24?

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