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Prada Luna Rossa Black review: The Sexiest Prada Release? [Answered]

Prada Luna Rossa Black is a 2018 men’s fragrance release from designer house Prada. Much like Luna Rossa Carbon before it, Black is another flanker in the Luna Rossa line. After extensive testing, my verdict is that Black is a sexy fragrance release from Prada – but there is a catch. Read on for the next few minutes to get my complete summary.

What does Black smell like?

Prada Luna Rossa Black contains notes of bergamot, vanilla, tonka, amber, musk, and patchouli.

When first sprayed on skin, I can smell a clean, warm sweetness. Here, the sweetness takes on the form of powdered vanilla. Although there is no official vanilla note listed, after some research I discovered this powdery sweetness is likely coming from the tonka accord.

A vanilla accord present throughout the scent

Additionally, a fresh bergamot note is also present. It’s only noticeable for the first 5 minutes, however it does a fine job balancing the sweet vanilla/tonka elements.

As Black starts drying down, the bergamot fully disappears. It’s replaced by amber and musk notes which begin working alongside the powdery sweetness. Interestingly, I’d describe Black as taking on a ‘dough like’ texture at this point. Think of a powdered donut infused with vanilla essence.

Meanwhile, the subtle, inoffensive musk prevents the powdered, doughy, sweetness from ever becoming too overbearing.

Black possesses a soft, powdered dough-like texture

Furthermore, there is a delicate tinge of patchouli present in the background. Although patchouli can often take on an earthy aroma, that is not the case here. It smells masculine and classy, whilst being well-blended within the composition.

Overall, Black opens as a fresh, warm and sweet tonka scent, drying down into a darker, more ambery version of the same. The scent is rather linear though, and the changes aren’t dramatic.

The amber adds to the warm, alluring qualities of Black

Although it doesn’t contain many notes, Prada Luna Rossa Black manages to smell modern, sophisticated, and refined. It isn’t a bold statement maker, but it’ll pique the curiosity of those around you. Black could easily pass as a ‘bad boy’ scent, and I characterise it as the mysterious cousin of Chanel Allure Homme Sport Eau Extreme.

Check out this reviewer’s thoughts on Black:

This is lush Tonka bean heaven with amber under the surface. Similar to most powdery sweet fragrances. Very one dimensional but also very good at what it does. Formal evening scent that’s a crowd pleaser. Don’t go trigger happy. 2 sprays only for me does the job. Recommended.

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Does it have good performance?

After extensive testing on my skin, I rate the performance as moderate. Initially the sillage (projection) is apparent from 2-3 feet away, drying down into an intimate scent bubble after 1-2 hours. In total, I’ve found that Black lasts up to 7 hours on my skin. However, performance tends to get a bit better in cold weather.

When should I wear it?

The seductive, inviting aura of Prada Luna Rossa Black lends itself perfectly to night-time. Specifically, that includes date nights, casual, or formal events. Seasonally, I think it’s best suited to Autumn, Winter and Spring. When it comes to the heat of summer, check out Prada Luna Rossa Carbon instead.

As hinted at earlier, Luna Rossa Black has ‘bad boy’ vibes written all over it. So, if you’re a masculine man who wants to smell sexy and mysterious, I strongly encourage you to investigate Black further.

Date night, a perfect situation for this scent

In summary – Prada Luna Rossa Black

prada luna rossa black

Prada have released several quality fragrances, and Luna Rossa Black continues that trend. Although the catch with Black is its rather uncomplicated and linear nature, which may be a let down for some. But with that considered, its sexy scent profile retains a polished quality that works wonders after dark.

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I want to hear from you. Let’s keep the conversation going in the comments and on Instagram. What are your thoughts on Prada Luna Rossa Black?

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